A balcony to feel good - this is how you make your balcony cozy

A balcony to feel good - this is how you make your balcony cozy

Especially for families who live in a big city, the balcony is often the only way to breathe a little fresh air. A loving decoration of the balcony is therefore in first place for many people. Today, we'll show you how to make your outdoor area so cozy and cozy that you can feel completely at home there.

Distribute Flowers and Plants Everywhere

In large cities, balconies often resemble a concrete block, where barely any coziness can arise. So you can feel comfortable on your balcony, you should equip it all over with plants. Of course, the flower boxes on the balustrade are indispensable. They should be provided with lush flowering plants. But bare walls can and should be planted as well:

  • Attach hanging pommels to a hook in the wall and populate them with lush flowering and creeping plants.
  • Paint an old wooden ladder in the appropriate color and lean Put these on the wall. It can serve as a scaffold for climbing plants. Alternatively, you can place planters with balcony flowers on the rungs of the ladder.
  • On a large balcony you can also place tubs on the ground and pull plants that grow upwards.

Combine your balcony plants like pure ornamental plants with crops such as hanging strawberries.

A harmonious color scheme is also important for the balcony

In your own walls, you can play with the colors wherever you can: they paint entire walls, put on colored wallpapers or decorate with colorful accessories. Why do not you profess more color on the balcony? It depends on a harmonious color scheme. The most homely is when you decide in advance which color should dominate your balcony. Make sure that the color does not diverge and simply repaint old furniture, for example.

You should consistently implement the uniform color scheme for furniture and decorative objects. However, your plants and balcony flowers may still bloom in bright colors.

You do not have to plant purple flowers only if you have chosen this color. Instead, yellow, pink, red and white flowers can lighten up the overall impression.

Put on a mini pond

The soothing water of a garden pond provides relaxation and leaves the holiday feeling. You will not have room for a large garden pond on your balcony, but a mini pond should always fit. Fill an old wooden trough with water and put in some water plants. Alternatively, you can decorate the mini pond with artificial water lilies from decoration shops. In addition, there are a few floating candles and even in the evening for a romantic feel-good atmosphere.

Creating a cozy atmosphere with carpets and wooden furniture

Most balcony floors consist of the bare concrete. This is not very comfortable for the bare feet or the eyes. You should therefore make sure that your balcony becomes more comfortable with a cozy floor covering. Suitable, for example, special carpets, which are intended for outdoor use. Lay such a carpet at least in the area of ​​the seat.

Wood tiles are easier to clean and more hygienic. There are many copies that are very cheap and easy to install. Likewise, the furniture that you place on your balcony has a great influence on the comfort. Simple balcony furniture made of plastic or aluminum will never look as comfortable as garden furniture made of wood or polyrattan.

A herb garden should not be missing on any balcony

They smell pleasant, taste good and bring summer feeling to your balcony: Herbs of all kinds are perfect for a particularly cozy atmosphere. You can plant the herbs in appropriate pots or put on a small herb bed in an old zinc wash tub. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Fill the tub with holes to drain the drain.
  2. Fill the bowl with a mixture of herbal and expanded clay.
  3. Plant Mediterranean herbs, which you can also use to make the water Like to use cooking.

Now you have all the herbs you need within easy reach.

Artikelbild: © Patrizia Tilly / Shutterstock