Additional costs: millions of tenants can count on repayments

Additional costs: millions of tenants can count on repayments

The additional costs for the apartment have long been felt by tenants to be around ; second lease & ldquo ;. For water, heating, garbage disposal and caretaker incur high additional fees. But this year, millions of renters can expect to receive repayments for ancillary costs.

Definition: Service Charges

Service charges are the fees charged in addition to the standard cold rent. A distinction is made between:

  1. Warm operating costs:
    • Heating
    • Hot water
  2. Cold operating costs:
    • Wastewater
    • Property tax
    • Insurance
    • Garden maintenance
    • Waste disposal

The additional costs are not to be underestimated, because they make up a significant part of the total rent.

Tenants' Association Expects Tenant Relief

The operating costs in Germany add up to about a quarter of the rent on average. However, the current operating cost index of the German Tenants' Association shows that it is not the additional costs that are responsible for the fact that rents have risen in many places in recent times. On the contrary: this year, the tenants pay no more operating costs than in recent years. Mieterbund managing director Ulrich Ropertz even expects relief.

The billing data from 2013 have just been evaluated. On average, the operating costs add up to a monthly price of 2.19 euros per square meter of living space. This corresponds to about a quarter of the total rent. The heating costs hit the highest with 1.24 euros and the warm water with 0.27 euros. In 2012, the additional costs amounted to an average of 2.20 euros. Add to that the cost of cable television or garden maintenance, the total cost of ownership adds up to 3.26 euros per square meter per month. This means that for an apartment measuring 80 square meters, 3129.60 euros per year or 260.80 euros per month are to be paid for ancillary costs.

The sinking oil price hardly influences the additional costs

The tenants' association indicates that 2013 is ahead especially the hot water and heating costs have increased. This is also because at the beginning of the year was heated during the cold winter months strongly. Energy consumption increased by five percent.

The price of oil declined, but this is hardly reflected, as most landlords had already fueled at the end of the previous year.

According to the Mieterbund, district heating and gas were also in 2013

The fees vary between East and West

The operating costs continue to differ significantly between East and West Germany.

In the eastern federal states, the tenants pay an average of about ten cents per month and square meter for the additional costs.

The tenants' association explains that this is mainly due to the costs of hot water and heating, which are about eight percent higher there. Local fees for street cleaning, garbage collection and land tax are in the eastern states but also cheaper than the cost of caretaker, gardener and insurance.

The billing for 2014 relieves many tenants

In the coming weeks, many tenants are billing for contain the past year. Ropertz expects that many tenants can expect repayments. In some cities and towns, the land tax was increased, but at the same time the fees for sewage and water have hardly climbed. The garbage collection costs even went down.

The deciding factors for the probable repayments, however, are the significantly lower costs for hot water and heating. The winter months were many times warmer than last year, so energy consumption was reduced by 20 to 25 percent on average. In addition, energy costs also fell:

  • The gas price fell by 0.1 percent
  • District heating was 1.3 percent cheaper
  • The oil price even fell by 7.8 percent

This year, therefore, most tenants do not have to worry about high additional charges for additional payments


The winter was mild last year, reducing energy consumption by up to 25 percent on average. The prices for oil, district heating and gas also decreased. Therefore, the tenants' association expects that many tenants will receive a repayment of operating costs.

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