Air circulation in classic garage

Air circulation in classic garage

The developments in the market for garages, especially the advances in modern carports, promise an ever better integration of the installation into the existing scenery. Classic garages have the enormous advantage over carports that they offer much more safety for high-quality vehicles - now these systems are also multifunctional, so you can accommodate as many elements in a small space.

In this article we explain the basics of Systems, explain the importance of air circulation and give advice on building permit.

Getting moisture out of the system

Modern garages do not necessarily have to consist of concrete, especially the constructions made of aluminum and steel have proven themselves , On the one hand, they are more flexible to use, allowing for more individual shapes and designs, and on the other hand they are at the same time very robust and long-lasting. The disadvantage, however, is that moisture emanating from vehicles only partially penetrates to the outside - in extreme cases, it attacks the substance of the lining for years, which in older specimens has already led to heavily porous areas. For this reason, it is important to rely on modern systems with intelligent air circulation, which succeeds by several elements. First, there are small peepholes in the back which are electrically or manually controlled, allowing for venting as needed. On the other hand, there are functional garage doors, which in addition to a shapely glazing and thermal insulation and a air circulation allow - the acquisition of a good garage door should therefore, since it is anyway the most important wearing part, represent the first choice for modernization

Different building types for every purpose

  • So-called prefabricated garages, ie prefabricated specimens intended for sole construction, represent the cost-effective variant. In contrast to masonry garages, they have the advantage that a larger width can be applied when omitting the supports - This can be storage space for gardening tools and the like bring in without high additional costs would have to be accepted. They are now also available with console or saddle roof, which is another, individually adjustable component compared to the classic flat roof.
  • Double garages are appropriate if you want to use the outer area as effectively as possible and possibly access to the house or cellar to commemorate. Often aluminum or steel is used, less wood is used. When planning, consider whether a separate passage is ever needed or whether it might also make a swing gate.

Information on Building Permit

Basically, garages are structural alterations on the property that are basically the result of the construction Subject to the permission of the local building authority. There have already been and are regular cases where finished garages must be demolished or dismantled again. The reasons for this often lie in the area of ​​neighborhood law, because this must not be unduly impaired. It should also be noted that in principle every federal state has adopted different regulations and regulations. In some cases, therefore, an application for construction may be waived, provided that certain conditions are met.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, fines or possibly even legal disputes, some prior request to the Urban Planning Office is recommended. Even if the conditions for a permit-free construction exist, which is often the case for an area of ​​less than 30 square meters, the permissible limit values ​​may be exceeded in relation to the average wall height, for example. Construction templates , including the static calculations (in prefabricated garages often adopted by the installation company), a site plan of the property and a floor plan and possibly a construction drawing are then submit.

It will also be a scale map 1: 500 required this should normally not be older than six months. In order to speed up the procedure as a whole, any questions regarding possible adjustments should be requested in advance - just call the responsible clerk to avoid initiating an official procedure.

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