Aluminum windows as part of thermal insulation

Many homeowners know relatively well, to what extent They have to make renovations in their house to change the energy balance positively. One spares the high costs, the effort and also the risk that such investments only pay for themselves after a few years. One reason for this is undoubtedly the fact that one wants to compulsively pursue a holistic approach, rather than proceeding step by step - the second option is of course financially appealing, because many measures require each other and thus already increase the effect of energy efficiency.

We explain the basics, come to speak of the properties and provide background information on the positive concomitant circumstances of this form of modern insulation.

Timelessly elegant and effective

Do you know the saying in which you can "kill two birds with one stone"? This is precisely the aspect the designers of the aluminum windows had in mind, because they not only offer comprehensive thermal insulation with a visually sophisticated structure, but also maximum safety. Blind windows with bizarre special locks are a thing of the past, this window system allows adaptation to the architectural style and combines both essential needs. In this context, experts always come back to systems from to speak, which have always set standards in industry circles. This became particularly clear in the context of independent long-term tests, in which the function was in no way limited even under continuous and extreme stress.

As a homeowner, one now has the option of designing the system in terms of color and pattern. Due to the flexible material, it is possible to commission custom-made products. So you not only follows a clear line in terms of size, location and interior design of a property, but also clearly shows this to the outside. The view widths of aluminum windows are basically very slim, so that conversions or additions to attics and elsewhere do not pose a problem. The shape is available, the surface coating also has an antibacterial effect and is extremely easy to care for - those who have used the same windows for decades can understand the significance of this point.

The essential characteristics

  • High-quality aluminum windows have a contemporary, triple heat-insulating glazing , With a thermal insulation value of about 0.6 to 0.8 W / m² K, the condition is in the upper segment. The next point makes clear that this does not have to be too inflexible.
  • Miter cuts are made on the rounded glazing bars, which set the frame and visually enable a multitude of decoration and design. Gone are the days when whole window sills were at the expense of the structure.
  • Another important point is the nature of aluminum itself, which offers even greater stability than almost all other window types, even on narrow structures. High-quality versions build on a three-chamber profile, which is inserted shear-resistant. With a frame thickness in the range of 80 millimeters, this point illustrates the efficiency of thermal insulation in the smallest of spaces.
  • Significant progress has also been made in terms of care, especially with regard to adequate corrosion protection of the window fitting. All-round density, permanently elastic seals also ensure suitability for everyday use, which can also be considered an investment.
  • Finally, polyamide webs reinforced with glass fiber help to sufficiently thermally separate the distances between the individual profiles. In addition, high-quality aluminum windows feature several anti-burglary mushroom-type latches as standard, which is particularly in line with the aforementioned safety aspect.

Help in selecting suitable suppliers and products offers the standards and norms that are used in the respective trades. Thus, the CE mark according to EN 14351-1 stands for tested brand quality, the quality assurance according to DIN ISO 9001 documents all production processes and certifies the comprehensive procedure. Therefore, financial reasons should not be decisive, quality has its price and the robustness and practicality will pay off if such windows still look like new even after 20 years.

Artikelbild: © Joe Gough / Shutterstock