Antiques - Tips for Buying and Selling

Antiques - Tips for Buying and Selling

Sooner or later, there will be a renovation in every apartment. Then, homeowners and tenants need to consider which furniture needs to give way to make room for new ones. Especially from Antiquitäten few people like to part. The reason for this is on the one hand the meaning of the piece, which was possibly inherited from a loved one or has been in the family for years. Another reason is the ignorance of the value of the item.

Before selling, sufferers should again consider carefully whether they really want to sell the item. Perhaps there is a sentimental value in the old jewelery box of the deceased grandma, whom one only appreciates when the object is gone.

What are antiques?

Antiques are precious objects, who are at least 100 years older than . Any object can be considered an antique, be it a chair, a knife or a cupboard. Antiques are not only valuable by their age: Their rarity and popularity also plays a big role. These may well be things that used to be commonplace - such as a dining table.

Depending on the definition, there are sometimes differences in how old an item must be to pass through as an antique. Cars are already from 25 years to classic cars. Much more important than the age is attribution of the epoch . Many collectors have focal points, so that their collection fits together stylistically and complement each other. Epochs can not always be clearly defined. Sometimes they blend into each other fluently or there are no uniform differences.

The following table gives an overview of the most interesting epochs:

Epoch Time
Romance 11. to the 12th century
Renaissance 15. until the 16th century
Gothic 12. until the 16th century
Mannerism 16. Century
Baroque 1600 to 1700
Rococo 1720 to 1700
Classicism 1760 to 1830
Romanticism 1790 to 1840
Historicism 1750 to 1850
Biedermeier 1825 to 1848
Realism 1830 to 1870
Impressionism 1860 to the beginning of the 20th century
Art Nouveau 1880 to 1920

Antique furniture popular among young people

At least 100 years should be the good piece of age. Despite their old age, many young people between the ages of 30 and 40 are not afraid to buy old cabinets and tables. The hunt for antiques starts for them locally in their own city, in the surrounding area, but also in other countries. Others try their luck on the net. In the online sale at Auctionata many antiques are in very good condition and can be found for every taste. In fact, there is no real trend in antique objects. You buy what you like. And while browsing discover interested one or the other piece that you really like. Responsible for her passion is usually the desire for individuality and the love for unique pieces. However, practical considerations are often behind it: Many antique furniture, including Vertikos, is no longer produced, although thanks to their clever design, they are real space savers.

Tips for selling

Buying and selling Antique furniture is not only a matter of many collectors, but also specialized companies. Before selling, salespeople should ensure that they know the approximate value of the item. Of course, this is not possible without professional help . However, those who do without this help risk giving away a possibly very valuable item.

Just as important as information about the item being sold is its optical condition. With existing resources, without investing money, the object should be brought into the best possible optical state. The investment in a treatment of an object is meaningful only if appreciable value enhancement is possible.

Attention : Many collectors are buying against the fashion trend in the hope that sooner or later these pieces will be popular. In that case they will try to bring the price of your antiques down as far as possible.

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