Automatic roof windows for more comfort - the basics

Automatic roof windows for more comfort - the basics

The attic has been experiencing in recent years a renewed renaissance, the function as a storage room and the like is getting more and more into the background. Nowadays, the loft acts as an extended living space and should therefore also meet all the usual requirements. So-called dormers, which are available in the form of towed, flat or pitched dormers, are no longer up-to-date due to their license requirement and their costs. Even automatic skylights combine functionality and comfort literally "under one roof", at the same time the requirements for both new and old buildings are met in most cases.

This article should bring you closer to the topic and clarify which means and ways for different types of houses.

Modern Roof Windows

Skylights are first described in terms of their construction and other properties in & quot; skylights & quot; and & quot; standing roof windows & ldquo; divided. The latter construction designates the dormers already mentioned above. Classic & quot; recumbent roof windows & ldquo; Thanks to their compact industrial production, they are very easy to assemble and can easily be used in old buildings and memorials. Depending on the angle of inclination of your roof, there are interesting alternatives in terms of the exact construction and type. Automatic skylights represent the latest innovation in this field because they can be easily controlled by remote control or timer. Built-in rain sensors protect your belongings, even if you do not think so.

Either building materials such as plastic or wood are used, with different advantages associated with it. Plastic gives the room a neutral look, which is also extremely easy to clean. Experts recommend this building material especially in old buildings, which are often associated with high humidity due to lack of effective insulation. Wood, on the other hand, is mainly used in new buildings or houses up to the year of construction around 1975.

As a rule, you can choose between three different glazings. A thermo-glazing is considered as standard - it has very good properties for thermal insulation, offers wide sound and heat protection as needed. Furthermore, there are the models with laminated safety glass, which are downright easy to maintain. Innovations in coatings and compounds produced models with anti-rain noise effects. The generally highest level are models with triple glazing, which have outstanding thermal insulation properties and are thus increasingly used in ecologically meaningful passhouses. In particular, the anti-tau effect shows its effect when used in a living room attics. For information regarding the price classes and requirements of individual designs, the portal at // provides you with a lot of further information.

Some technical terms explained clearly

When comparing and before In particular, when configuring the network, you will inevitably encounter technical terms that can be misleading. For this reason, we will conclude by trying to give definitions and explanations of important terms.

  • RAL This designation makes it clear that the product meets specific standards and has been awarded a seal of quality by the RAL Institute. What was still prior to World War II as a cooperation of private economy and imperial government under the name & quot; Reichs Committee on Delivery Terms & ldquo; is the highest level of quality certification today.
  • RAL assembly This being said, the RAL assembly is a uniform set of rules based primarily on DIN standards. Since there are highly heat-insulating windows, which have only very low air permeability, focus is on adequate building connection joints. This ensures that the installation is 100% airtight.
  • Ventilation flap If you choose modern variants of the electric swing windows, then these not only have a rain sensor and can be used in the tilt range between 15 and 90 degrees, but also include one ventilation flap. It can be opened in case of storm or rain and improves the air circulation, at the same time you are protected against moisture.
  • Heat balance The heat balance is important if you want to compare different roof window types. Note the Ug value, which should be relatively ideal at 1.1 W / m2K. The larger this precipitates, the higher the effectiveness of solar heat gain.

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