Balcony Plants for the Shady Balcony

Not everyone is lucky enough to choose can indicate the direction in which his balcony is located. Even fewer people can hope for a private garden or at least a terrace. It is true that the architects, especially nowadays, are generally careful to align the balconies to the sunny side. However, this wish can not always be realized, which is why it can also happen that a balcony is built in the north and thus lies in the shade all year round and therefore never sees the sun. It may also be that a house has two or more balconies, but which are located on different sides of the house. It is not uncommon for such shady balconies to have only very few or even no plants at all. But does that really have to be? No, because even a balcony in the shade can flower properly with the right balcony plants, so that you can feel well here as well.

With these plants the balcony becomes an oasis of well-being even without sun

Whether you belong to the people who prefer to sit in the shade than in the sun, or if you have to accept the north orientation of your balcony. Either way, you do not have to do without plants on your balcony. And let's be honest, especially on a particularly hot summer day, a little bit of shade can be really enjoyable. All you need for a nice, appealing balcony in the shade are the right balcony plants. Of course, you should not choose flowers that only thrive in sunny spots. Instead, you should consciously opt for special shade plants that can get along well without the sun.

A shady balcony does not have to look loveless. With the right shade plants, you can also create a thriving oasis here.

Shadow plants that are very well suited to this are, for example, ferns and grasses. However, these have the disadvantage that they are one thing above all else: green. You often look for color here in vain. But even among the shade plants, there are some representatives with whom you can set perfect color accents. Very well suited for a shady balcony are, for example, so-called white-flowered plants or plants that like to be particularly moist. Shady balconies are also ideal for green climbing plants. Ivy, for example, is a very popular plant that grows well in both shade and partial shade and is not overly demanding.

Other shade plants include:

  • Begonia: Begonias are fairly undemanding plants. You do not need special care. However, the soil must always be moist, as these flowers need a lot of water. Even with a permanent shade, begonias bloom in a variety of colors.
  • Boxwood: The boxwood is a particularly shade-loving, evergreen plant, which visibly feels comfortable on a shady balcony. It is very easy to care for and therefore probably so popular.
  • Fuchsia: Fuchsias are always attracting attention with their colorful flowers. These shade plants do not need much care. However, you should make sure that they are protected from wind and rain.

In addition, potted plants are always well suited for a shady balcony. For example, diligent Lieschen, Kugelprimeln, or Pragspieren can be found here.

You should definitely pay attention to this

In general, a shady balcony is no problem whatsoever when it comes to planting. All you need to know if you want to liven up your balcony with flowering plants is that you do not mix too many different plants together. Otherwise, there is a fast risk of overlapping, which can make the balcony restless.

Never mix too many different plants together to bring as much color as possible to the shady balcony. Less is clearly more here too. Above all, grab evergreen plants and plant a few blooming flowers here and there to add a few colorful accents.

Potted plants for the shady balcony

Above all, there are quite small, but also quite right big balconies. If you have a very large balcony, then here is the opportunity, among other things, to use potted plants. Hydrangeas or medlars, for example, are also suitable for this, but various forest and meadow plants such as the lupines feel well in the shade and bring some color to the balcony. Or how about the whistle or the wild wine?

Maintain Shadow Plants

Shadow plants do not really need much more care than sun worshipers do. However, they must not be treated exactly the same. There are a few important differences between sun and shade plants that you should take care of.

Shadow plants usually do not need to be watered as often as plants that are exposed to the sun. However, that does not mean that you can neglect casting for several days or even weeks. Also among the shade plants there are representatives who need a lot of water and also those who manage with very little water. Whether a plant should be re-cast, you notice the quickest by a finger test. Just put a finger in the ground. If it is still moist inside, then you do not have to water the plant yet. In general, however, you can assume that even shade plants ideally need a little bit of water every day, because especially during a heat period the irrigation water can quickly evaporate through the air.

Make sure that waterlogging is avoided. Especially in the shade, this can quickly ruin the plants.


Your balcony will not see the sun on hot summer days, but you do not want to miss out on plants? With the right shade plants you transform your north balcony into a colorful garden of Eden.

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