Children's Bedding - That's Important

Healthy sleep is essential, especially for children in their developmental stages. Several studies have shown that there is a correlation between the sleep environment and the quality of sleep itself. As a parent you should therefore identify possible points of disturbance and design the nursery so that the focus is entirely on rest and relaxation. The bedding, as well as the construction of the bed itself, plays a corresponding role.

In this article, the most important areas are discussed in order to offer you a course of action.

Sleep disorders are largely preventable.

Children need different things as adults, long periods of rest. Meanwhile, important growth spurts can take place undisturbed, even mentally, the sleep period is used to process the experience. It is therefore extremely important that children find a familiar and comfortable environment. In this, stimuli such as light or sounds should only have a minimal effect. In ancient Chinese medicine there are, generally speaking, guidelines for the & quot; proper & quot; Distribution of the rooms of a house. Importance is attached to the equipment, but also the orientation of the windows and the like.

Basically, children's bedding should be based on such materials that provide good heat and perspiration regulation. On the one hand, sweat is secreted on the one hand, but at the same time the whole thing remains breathable, ensuring even ventilation. "

If these properties are lacking, there is a risk of cooling down. Because that always occurs when sweat is not absorbed and thereby affects the surrounding area.

Choose the right size

For bed linen for children, it is not easy to choose the right size. After all, the proportions and dimensions are constantly changing within the first years of life, which makes long-term purchases difficult. Basically, children's sizes in blankets up to about 100 x 135 cm, the pillow is standard 40 x 60 cm. In it, the entire body must be edged without problems. Just the feet must always be covered, as well as the hands and neck. It would therefore be advisable to use bed linen in standard sizes during the transitional phase.

The trade has long been able to provide some relief by using comfort or oversize sizes. But here it can cause problems with the size of the mattress or the bed set. Fitted sheets are usually available for selection, which, incidentally, also avoid constant slipping of the sheet. This dimensional stability regulates a restful and carefree sleep. A wide variety of patterns, from Disney, Beaver or Renforcé can be found online.

Beds that lean against the wall can be provided with one or two smaller additional pillows. They serve as cornerstones, prevent them from slipping and keep the sheet in place even in the event of dislocations.

Cotton is recommended as a material?

Cotton has many properties that are particularly beneficial for bed linen for children and babies. Compared to synthetic fibers, which are often not for everyone, they offer a cuddly warm environment, especially in winter. Ideal is such bed linen in fine beaver, a durable and skin-friendly product.

On the other hand, microfiber is also suitable because no mites can nest here. A constant but unpleasant topic. Sheets made of this fabric are extremely easy to clean and can therefore be easily cleaned, after one or the other mess.

Choose child-friendly closures

Eventually comes the time when the little rascal has become too big to be decent in the ancestral & bdquo; sleeping & ldquo; to sleep. The freedom of movement is not least crucial for the well-being in and with the bed linen. It is ideal if this is not disturbed by closures as well. Usually, the commercial products are those with hotel closures, as it were in head and duvet cover. They are arranged so that the fillings go inwards and therefore do not penetrate any interfering, cold metal elements to the outside.

Special Notes

  • Cotton has the advantage that it is ideal as a material for allergy sufferers. Because depending on the patterning and the imprints, a wash of over 60 degrees Celsius is possible. The soft surface is preserved, which knows how to use its advantages in every season.
  • A special form of cotton is beaver, whereby the material is slightly roughened. The result is a fluffy, warming bed sheet. Especially in winter, it takes the body from the necessary energy to accumulate enough heat. In addition, it retains special material properties of cotton, so that up to 350 percent of its own weight can be absorbed. That means the sweat can be easily released into the environment.
  • Weekly changes are recommended, as it creates breeding grounds for mites too quickly. They are suspected of triggering allergies.

Conclusion and Concluding Remarks

As mentioned earlier, bedding for children has to meet a variety of needs. Especially when a certain height is reached and you can resort to conventional sizes, it depends on the material. On the one hand, it should meet the personal requirements, ie secrete sweat and provide sufficient warmth. In addition, only a wash of at least 60 degrees Celsius meets the requirements to remove itself completely with time accumulating bacteria. Satin and microfibre have a cooling effect, but these are associated with significantly higher costs compared to cotton products.


Fluffy, comfortable bed linen is the be-all and end-all for a cot. Depending on the season and personal feeling, should be changed between the materials. Ideal are those that are washable above 60 degrees Celsius - all bacteria can be removed.

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