Roller shutter shop

Roller shutter shop

Shutters are the classic for the home and are more than just a privacy screen.

Fully shut down outdoor roller shutters increase indoor temperature in winter, helping to save energy and heating costs. Up to 20 percent of the insulation value of a window can be improved, as between window or door and closed shutters forms a highly insulating air cushion and so optimal thermal protection is ensured. Shutters effectively withstand strong sunlight in the summer and the rooms are therefore pleasantly warm even in midsummer. A closed roller shutter provides privacy, protects the privacy from prying eyes and also attenuates the outside noise. Lowered shutters do not protect against burglars, but they are definitely a safety feature and provide an additional barrier for burglars.

Shutters are optimal protection

  • in winter from cold
  • in summer from heat and sun
  • from external noise
  • from unpleasant visitors
  • from prying eyes

Depending on your wishes or requirements, a roller shutters can be incorporated into the façade or almost invisibly as a design element. Roller shutters have many advantages and provide many years of service to the house.

The following tailor-made products can be selected in the roller shutter shop:

  • Roof window roller shutters - for Velux, Braas, Roto and Fakrofenster
  • Front and exterior shutters - with PVC or aluminum armor and insect screens
  • Roller shutters - as a compact plastic box system
  • Renovation roller shutters - an energetically sensible solution for existing lintel boxes
  • Safety roller shutters - Burglary resistant against forced entry
  • Inclined roller blinds - for diagonally glazed windows

Decisive for the selection of the appropriate shutter is also the consideration of whether you want to operate them manually or whether they should be lowered electrically. With an additional built-in time control, the shutters can be shut down in the absence - for example, if you are away for a few days and a central control ensures the shutdown of individual shutters.

Durable, precise and stable

Nowadays, in a roller shutter shop, the products can exactly selected according to the needs and specifications of the customer. Shutters are easy to use for all applications - for example with insect protection. To ensure that a roller shutter fits exactly to windows and doors, it is manufactured exactly according to the given dimensions. It does not matter if it is three meters wide or if it covers an area of ​​several square meters, and not whether it should be round or square. Roller shutters can also be used as roller shutters. The roller shutters can be installed either by themselves or by fitters.

Roof window shutters

Roof extensions in a home make it possible to create new living space. The roof windows play a very central role. Because they provide sufficient light from daylight. Roof window shutters provide heat protection in summer and effective cold protection in winter. It can be operated with solar control, remote control or with crank and even with closed shutters, the window can be opened in a folding position.

A roller shutter is basically made up of five elements: On the one hand, the visible part, namely the roller shutter, then the roller shutter shaft, the roller shutter box, the roller shutter drive and the guide rails located on the sides.

Stem, exterior roller shutter

For existing buildings, roller blinds are excellent for retrofitting, because of their simple design they can be used with little constructional effort and ensure effective heat and light protection. The roller shutter box can be made with side profile guides, with the roller shutter armor is filled with foam, so that it provides high thermal insulation for heating cost savings. If you also want to realize a safety aspect with the installation, you can opt for roller shutters with increased burglary protection by means of a push-up protection and a corresponding lock.

Overhead and Renovation Roller Shutters

During renovations, a roller shutter can be easily mounted from the top of the window. Boxes are available in different versions: either visible with a white plastic cover or with an aluminum cover or as a version with plaster base - completely integrated into the façade. Renovation roller shutters are an energetically optimal solution for the continued use of existing lintel boxes, so that the façade and interior plaster are largely spared during window or roller shutter replacement.

Safety roller shutters

These roller shutters have reinforced components and thus fulfill a useful anti-burglary function when lowered. They are suitable for new buildings, but also for retrofitting.

The promotion of structural measures for burglary protection came into force in November 2015. Tenants and owners can claim up to € 1,500 from KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) for the retrofitting of burglar-resistant windows and roller shutters.

Inclined roller blinds

A tailor-made solution for diagonally-glazed windows is oblique shutters with boxes that are flush on both sides complete with the guide rails. The roller shutter can be easily installed without prying.

Size of the roller shutter

In order to find the optimum roller shutter of the appropriate size, the following dimensions are decisive: The roller shutter width always corresponds to the window width, ie the outside dimension of the window. The height depends on whether it should be a top-mounted or a front roller shutter and where it is mounted. While a roller shutter, the height of the window plus the height of the shutter box is measured. In the case of an attachment roller shutter mounted on the masonry, the height of the niche height is decisive plus the height of the roller shutter box. Adding to the niche width is 110 millimeters.


Before buying a new roller shutter, you should be aware of what kind of roller shutter it should be - because a roller shutter shop offers a variety of options for each type of window. It is similar with the controller: Should it be manual, electrical or via radio - with timer and / or with central control?

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