Building Finance Bonus: Children

Building Finance Bonus: Children

Many families just now want to fulfill their dream home . For years, they have been looking, planning and calculating how to finance their own home, whether home-building is worthwhile and what services they need. The dream often bursts with the financing - in the end is missing often the necessary small change. However, many families do not find out enough about available funding models and grants .

Families with children can benefit from their offspring. Namely, many providers grant interest rebates , the state grants subsidies and municipalities reduce the price for building land. Parents should know exactly when building a house, how they can benefit from their offspring in mortgage lending. But beware: If you want to produce the offspring exclusively for the house, be warned. Children cost about 120,000 euros until they reach the age of majority. If you already have children, there are three ways to reduce your home bill.

Aid from above

Big churches are reaching out to families with children who want to fulfill their dream of owning a home. financially under the arms. Some Catholic bishoprics provide interest-free loans for small sums. From Protestant parishes , families can receive particularly favorable leasehold properties. Belonging to the respective denomination is not the most important requirement, but that children live in the household.

The funding of Catholic dioceses:

Diocese Link to funding Possible funding
Bamberg www leaseholds
Dresden-Meissen loans
Eichstatt leaseholds
Erfurt leaseholds
Eat loans
Friborg leaseholds
Cologne loans
Limburg leaseholds
Mainz www.bistummainz .com leaseholds
Munster loans
Osnabrück leaseholds
Paderborn www.erzbistum loans
Passau leaseholds
Regensburg www.bistum-regens leaseholds
Rottenburg-Stuttgart leaseholds
Speyer leaseholds
Trier Leasehold rights
Würzburg Leasehold rights

The funding of Protestant dioceses:

Landeskirche Link to funding Possible funding
Ev. Landeskirche in Baden Leasehold rights
Ev.-Luth. Church in Bavaria Heritable building rights
Ev. Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz Leasehold rights
Ev.-Luth. Landeskirche in Braunschweig Heritable building rights
Ev.-Luth. National Church of Hanover Heritable building rights
Ev. Church in Hesse and Nassau Leasehold rights
Ev. Kurhessen-Waldeck Church Heritable building rights
Lippische Landeskirche Heritable building rights
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany (Nordkirche) Heritable building rights
Protestant Church of the Palatinate Hereditary building rights
Ev. Church in the Rhineland Leasehold rights
Ev.-Luth. National Church of Saxony Leaseholds
Ev. Church of Westphalia Heritable building rights
Ev. Landeskirche in Württemberg Leasehold rights

State Children's Bonus

How children affect the mortgage lending depends, among other things, on the place of residence or the location of the future one Provinces and municipalities offer their own bonuses for the construction of a property, regardless of state subsidies. The bonuses are partly direct subsidies, but in some cases low-interest loans.

Example :

  • Families who choose to build a site in the city of Heilbronn receive a grant of up to 25,000 euros. For each child living in the household there is an additional 5,000 euros.

Possible subsidies of individual municipalities and federal states:

  • Municipal development program Homeownership of the City of Mannheim
  • State Housing Promotion and Urban Family Program by the City of Stuttgart

Further subsidies will find interested people about the funding search by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Mortgage lending: Better conditions for families with children

Many providers have a heart for children. In the Hannoversche Leben, there is the so-called & nbsp;; Family Mortgage , which reward families with 0.25 percent interest savings for each child. However, this only applies up to a certain sum of money for a fixed period of time and only until the age of majority of the offspring. Whether this interest savings is worthwhile, parents have to calculate individually and then decide. Various construction computers on the internet make the calculation very easy.

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