Books are not out: flaunting bookshelves

Books are not out: flaunting bookshelves

Contrary to the general trend towards digitization, many people do not want to give up their books. No wonder, who wants to specify with a digital eBook collection when he can point to a book-filled shelf? For many homes, however, classic shelves are too big, bulky and impractical. They all attract attention and make the room smaller. Fortunately, there are many different types of shelves today that make books look wonderful.

Claiming a Bookshelf

Unlike the digital collection, books are particularly heavy: complete series of favorite authors, guides and heavy picture books bring a few kilos to the scale and strain a shelf quite nicely. In order not to collapse under the weight of books or to deform over time, it must not only provide a lot of storage space but also stability. Shelves are available in many different versions and offer exactly these sought-after properties. In terms of material, interested parties have just as many choices: plastic, wood, glass or metal - there is a suitable solution for every purpose, for every room and for every taste.

Hanging or setting up?

Before consumers turn to one If you decide to shelve or think about the material , you should consider whether to hang or place the shelves. This question depends on the space and your own wishes. For apartments with small footprint hanging shelves are suitable. They look modern and can also be combined with pedestal shelves. The targeted use of hanging shelves not only provides more storage space, but also relaxes the living room. For those who place high shelves, they should be fixed to the wall to ensure optimal stability.

The right choice: the right material

For the choice of material , consumers have to rely on their use Pay attention: Bookshelves, as mentioned in the previous section, must be particularly robust. Each material has different properties in this area:

The classics: solid wood and veneer

Laminated shelves are most commonly found in homes. A wooden or plastic layer in wood look is applied to its fiber surface. The advantage : This shelf is extremely light and less expensive than solid wood shelves. For budget-minded people who want to make their home as cheap as possible, these furniture is ideal. Who on the other hand wishes high quality, unusual appearance but also longevity, is best advised with a solid wood shelf. Compared to laminated competitors it is heavier and more expensive, but it scores with high quality and longevity.

Modern and timeless: stainless steel, glass and Co.

Shelves made of glass are somewhat more modern and timeless than wood versions and stainless steel , which are increasingly being used for interior design. Both embody a very pure and simple style, which will look good in ten years time. Shelves made of glass and stainless steel can also be combined well with their competitors made of wood. This mix of styles brings a certain amount of tension to the apartment.

Also in demand are chrome shelves , which are rust-free. The only problematic are the favorable variants whose welds are susceptible to oxidation. Plastic shelves can also be found in modern apartments. Its big advantage is the extremely easy care - just wipe it off and you're done. Their great color choice can make them a real eye-catcher in their own homes.

Shelf and stairs: The space-saving combination

For many people, the staircase inside the living room is a thorn in the side, because it takes up a lot of space that could be used elsewhere. No problem, under the stairs can be integrated individual shelves to make good use of the space. So-called Step Shelves adapt to the height of the steps and can thus be placed on the stairs. Naturally gifted do-it-yourselfers can of course also produce their shelves themselves. Both solutions produce one thing: optical harmony. The once disturbing staircase has now fulfilled another purpose.

The bookshelf is more than just a storage space

Granted, the bookshelf is used by many people as storage space for books. That alone makes it one of the most unsightly furniture in the home. That does not have to be, today's shelves are not only visually beautiful, with the following five tips give your home a cozy atmosphere:

  1. A bookcase does not have to be stuffed exclusively with books. Loving details such as flower vases, sculptures or picture frames provide a change between the readings.
  2. The books on the shelf do not necessarily have to look like new. Even the old, worn-out works have their right to exist, after all, they reflect a part of life again. Old books and travel guides are far more representative than never-read bestsellers.
  3. Filled shelves exude cosiness. Bookworms will feel right at home together with a reading corner near the shelf. If you want to bring order to chaos, you can wrap the books in colored paper, label them and arrange them according to color - this creates a colorful accent that is truly unmistakable
  4. Shelves are perfect room dividers in modern homes, for example to differentiate the living area from the kitchen.
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