Boxspring beds: history and distribution today

Boxspring beds: history and distribution today

According to, American beds are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The so-called boxspring bed is an interesting sleeping system with a sprung underframe that is the basis of the bed. & Bdquo boxspring & ldquo; translates to & quot; box with springs & ldquo; and describes very well the structure of the undercarriage. This consists of a frame, which is usually made of solid wood, and is surrounded by a suspension. On the box spring lie the mattress and partly a topper. This article describes what makes this type of bed so special and how the idea came about.

History and distribution

The 1912 sunken & quot; RMS Titanic & ldquo; is still the most famous ship in which boxspring beds were used. These beds allowed the passengers of the luxury liner a particularly good sleeping and sleeping comfort. However, the development of boxspring beds began much earlier, at the end of the 19th century. At that time, bed designers were looking for a hygienic solution for beds. Mattresses were lying directly on the floor. We were looking for a construction that allows a higher position. In the course of time, the first spring-loaded beds were created, some of which consisted of two mattresses. The lower one has been constructed more massively to allow the sleeping one a comfortable position. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first ingenious spring mattresses were built in the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia, which were placed on sprung bed bases.

Despite the numerous advantages of box spring beds, this bed could never prevail anywhere in the world. In the 1950s, Karl Degen and Karl Thomas launched the first slatted frame, which quickly spread to many countries. In contrast, the boxspring bed continues to rule in the USA, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. Even in cruise ships and upscale hotels, these beds continue to be used because of their many positive qualities. People who experience the boxspring bed in such hotels and cruise liners also want it in their bedroom. Although the beds are mostly in the luxury area, they do not cost a fortune. As you will find out, box spring beds are available for less than 500 Euros.

Boxspring Box

Queen Elizabeth, Tom Cruise and Barack Obama have one thing in common: they all should sleep on box spring beds. Even if this is true, each dorm has its pros and cons and the royale use can not change that. As with the & quot; conventional & quot; Bed comes with the purchase of this type of bed on the quality. Here, the box spring beds can score as a unit: Consisting of a combination of two and three, the bed is bought completely. The risk that is one of the components of inferior quality is thus lower. The box spring consists of a solid wooden frame with spring core, which is covered with fiber mats and foam. For a beautiful appearance, the side surfaces (sometimes also the top) are covered with imitation leather or fabric.

Due to the lack of customization options, it is important to buy box spring beds from a specialist. Retailers can be recognized by the fact that they offer good customer service and can advise on questions and problems. For those interested in the consultation on the purchase of a box spring bed is of great importance, after all, this area is uncharted territory for most people. You probably know neither the structure of this bed nor its numerous advantages and disadvantages. Despite Quality nobody has to pay too much. Price advantages arise for those interested, if the dealer does not store the beds in a warehouse, but obtains his goods directly from a supplier and transports them to the customers.

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