Brief overview of Stair Renovation

Brief overview of Stair Renovation

Many elements and components, both inside and outside the house, are subject to high wear or wear out over time. In the case of some of these elements, this initially only has an effect visually, for example when the plaster of the outer facade is crumbling - hazards are not initially associated with this, just as little as a reduced insulation. For staircases, however, things are a bit different, especially in old buildings can be regularly found that these no longer comply with current safety standards.

In this article, we are dedicated to the topic of stair renovation and clarify in this context typical questions > Every staircase can first be renovated.

First of all, it should be noted that basically any staircase or staircase can be renovated. It is irrelevant whether this is an open or closed staircase. The material as well as possible rotations, often introduced as a classic design element, do not represent an obstacle here. In addition to the safety aspect, other factors are associated with the stair renovation, in particular the beautification of just that plant. For example, classic steel staircases can be altered or adapted to wooden stairs without costly outlay - of course, these must then be maintained and maintained in a different way.

Before the staircase is renovated, some preparation and consideration must be made. First of all, any coverings, such as carpeting, should be removed and then the remainders of the glue should be leveled. The next step is to finance this measure, with credit institutions having launched some cost-effective lending programs in the field of housing rehabilitation. Therefore, the best way to finance a renovation is to estimate the amount of work done by an independent expert and allow it to be calculated commercially.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often, homeowners disagree about the added value of staircase renovation. It should first be pointed to the possible adaptation that thereby the natural barriers can be eliminated. If you would like to live in your property even in old age, you will avoid a sometimes necessary installation of a stairlift or the expensive adaptation to your old staircase structure. Furthermore, you replace the material of the treads, put on durable surfaces and also avoid the risk of an accident due to too specific a step by slippery steps.

  • Not only solid wood steps are used, but also and especially so-called CPL laminate levels. They have the enormous advantage that they are extremely durable and sturdy, but at the same time they are available at very reasonable prices. If you have concerns about the optical component, it is only necessary to refer to the solid wood surfaces that are usually indistinguishable right from the start.
  • If homeowners talk about such renovations, the temporal aspect of the measure is often criticized. In reality, however, the restrictions are very limited, because planning is already half the battle here. Depending on whether, for example, cheeks have to be scaled down or podiums have to be created, a completion of only one day or up to three days is to be expected.
  • As already stated above, a step renovation is carried out relatively quickly by a skilled person , Contrary to opinion, it is true that the stairs can be used during the measure, of course. Specialist companies use a so-called universal adhesive, so that individual elements adhere to each other after only a short time and the curing time is also minimized.
  • Regarding the impact sound is to be noted that this is usually not contained. Initially, the measure covers only a new appearance and an improvement of the abrasion values, but under certain circumstances even a further refurbishment can be integrated. A tip: You should have such measures done in one go to get better conditions and to save your budget.
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