Building Instructions Spielhaus

Building Instructions Spielhaus

Children spend most of their young lives indoors. In the home nursery they live out their fantasies. They need plenty of space and suitable toys.

Adults look nostalgic back in time when they were a child themselves. Carefree, they spent most of their free time playing games. The first adventures they have experienced with friends outside their own four walls. In times of urbanization, such opportunities are diminishing. An alternative may be a playhouse.

Playhouses are available in stores, among others. They are usually made of plastic and allow children to let their imagination run wild. There is cooking, baking and adventure in the playhouse.

Preliminary Considerations

A playhouse requires ample space. Depending on whether it is placed at home in the nursery or in the garden, the playhouse must be protected accordingly. In the nursery, the house should be positioned in a corner where it does not interfere with the passage of the room. Who decides to set up the nursery in the garden, it must protect it from external influences.

The playhouse in our instructions is made of wood. Rain, cold, wind and snow would attack this wood, so it needs to be protected accordingly. Paint the wood with a non-polluting glaze. The absence of pollutants is particularly important, as the children will be playing in the house during the summer and must not release any pollutants that endanger their health.

Material and tool list

You need:

  • Workbench
  • at least 2 trestles
  • Protective equipment (gloves, goggles, ear protection)
  • approx. 20x galvanized wood countersunk screws 4/40 mm
  • approx. 8x galvanized wood countersunk screws 4/80 mm
  • 4x plywood plank 10/75 cm with 19 mm thickness (eg multiplex)
  • 5x plywood plank 10/120 cm with 19 mm thickness (eg multiplex)
  • 2x plywood board 40 / 110 cm with 19 mm thickness (eg Multiplex)
  • Emery paper 400 grit
  • powerful cordless screwdriver
  • Circular saw with guide rail and fine wood saw blade
  • Wood drill with 4mm diameter
  • Long spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Steel ruler

Building Instructions Spielhaus

How To:

Step 1

Prepare components 1 to 3 as shown in the diagram. Have the boards (parts 1 and 2) and the plywood board (part 3) cut in the cutting department of a hardware store. Transfer the dimensions of the gable (part 3) to the plywood board and carefully saw them out using a circular saw with a guide rail.

Clean all edges with the 400 grit sandpaper.

Step 2

For easier Mounting, it is advisable to pre-drill the individual parts using a wood drill. So you avoid later that the wood breaks when inserting the screws. Use a 4 mm wood drill and drill the planks (parts 1 and 2) on the short end faces (see blue arrows in the blueprint). Proceed in the same way with the gable parts (part 3).

Step 3

First install the frames (parts 1 and 3) of the playhouse. Align parts 1 and 3 to form a gate. Let another person help you. Then use the 4/80 wood countersunk screws and screw all three parts into a solid frame. Repeat this step for the other side.

Step 4

Once both frames are assembled, sandwich the junction boards (Part 2) and secure with 4/40 wood countersunk screws. Again, it makes sense to get help from a second person.


  • You can either leave the playhouse open or cover it with blankets and bath towels. This is how you can create your own robber's cave for your child.
  • The basic framework can be painted with harmless acrylic paints (suitable for indoor use) and colored. Get advice on the ingredients of the colors at a local hardware store