Buy Buntsteinputz & process it correctly

Buy Buntsteinputz & process it correctly

Handyman and craftsman use colored stone plaster on the outer wall or inner wall to make these to decorate. With the right materials, a flawless result can be achieved that lasts for many years.

Buying the matching colored stone plaster

It takes a bit of skill and basic knowledge to be able to easily process colored stone plaster yourself. We are dealing here with a special finishing coat and a special surface coating. Not least because of its different colors, but also through the use of natural stone granules and mosaic plaster, this material impresses with its optical effect. Often, DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen can buy the Buntersteinputz and benefit from a decorative selection of different variations and colors in the retail trade.

If you opt for thin-layer plaster, it is important to treat the material logically and to work carefully when applying.

The correct preparation of the surface

In addition to the purchase of Buntersteinputz a correct application is relevant. The instructions begin with the application of the building materials. Otherwise, the underground would not be sustainable. Make sure that the walls that you work with in combination with a stucco or mosaic render are dust-free and clean. One of the most thorough cleaning methods is washing with a high-pressure washer.

Afterwards, allow enough time for the wall to dry thoroughly. Loose dust is easy to turn off. Bear with the idea to apply new plaster on a colored wall, it should be pre-primed with barrier reason. In addition, it is not very promising to plaster a very dark wall (black) with a new lighter color (gray).

Mixing Buntsteinputz & Mosaikputz

The actually attractive and decorative effect of the Buntsteinputz goes to a base of sand and granules back. For example, the colored stone plaster can be described as a ready-to-use container in which the solids settle. It is important to stir the plaster carefully and thoroughly at the same time for a maximum of 2 minutes.

When mixing the colored stone plaster, you do not need automatic stirrers that work at high speed. These would destroy the special structure.

If you do not want to do without a stirrer, it should be clean and rust-free and have a very low speed setting.

Overview of the most important brush types

  • Differentiation according to binder: life, cement , Lime, gypsum, synthetic resin
  • Differentiation according to plastering technique: plaster, flush, surface plaster, fine plaster, bonding bridge
  • Differentiation according to components: lime plaster, cement plaster, marsh lime plaster, gypsum plaster, silicone resin plaster
  • Surface finish: scratch plaster, rough plaster, textured plaster , Buntsteinputz, Schweißputz, Dekorputz

Many do-it-yourselfers use the stone plaster as a natural thin-layer plaster for plinths.

Step by step: Buy and apply colored stone plaster

If you would like to purchase colored stone plaster and install it outdoors, temperatures should be above 8 ° C. Otherwise, the plaster would not bind properly.

  1. In addition to a high-quality colored stone plaster you need a clean and stainless trowel.
  2. Carefully apply the mass or the container to the corresponding masonry with this trowel.
  3. Pay particular attention Accurate application.
  4. Apply wet surfaces wet on adjacent surfaces. So do not spend too much time.

It is only through the admixture of granules and sand that the actual colored stone plaster is created. Not least the grain size is an irrevocable influencing factor when it comes to the optical effect.

If you buy colored stones and apply and process them in different batch numbers, it is not advisable to switch to another batch at once. First of all, process the first batch up to half. Then mix the remaining half with the new batch and continue with the application.

How long does it take to harden ceramics?

A high-quality stone plaster from the specialist trade only needs three days to cure completely. In addition, it can be assumed that a complete cure sets in after three weeks. In the course of the dry season, the plaster should not come into contact

  • with environmental influences,
  • mechanical loads and
  • wetness.

The freshly treated surface should be protected. What applies to the application should also be observed when drying: During this time, the temperature must never fall below 8 ° C. Accordingly, the summer offers itself as a perfect solution for Buntersteinputz. In addition, when the weather is nice, the work outside the house is much more fun.

Buy and repaint the colored stone plaster.

First, the colored stone plaster must cure completely. Then you can easily attach an additional seal, which is sometimes even replaced later. With these sealers, you can protect the plaster and the wall from dirt, debris, small holes and damage.

Applying colored stones on colored stone plaster, is that even possible?

In some cases it is even possible to apply a new one to an existing colored stone plaster Apply coat. Especially with similar and same colors this should not be a problem. However, if you would like to use a different color of the building materials, it should be painted on. It is also advisable to pre-coat a quartz-based primer and use it as a primer. The primer determines the durability of colored plaster - no matter what color.

Black and gray are the special colors. If you want a change of color for a home improvement, the wall should be adjusted to the new color and pre-painted.

Depending on availability, colored stone plaster is available in different colors in the area of ​​building materials. If one adheres to the above-described use and draws on professional products, it can be assumed that you will enjoy the new colored stone plaster for a long time.


Buntsteinputz from the retail trade is an attractive option for the design in the Indoor and outdoor. This special plaster for plinth is available as a finished container that mixes and can be processed directly. After application, the treated surface should completely dry out, which can take up to three weeks.

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