Buy cork flooring: Different criteria lead the way

Buy cork flooring: Different criteria lead the way

It was special in the 80s popular, but then it disappeared in favor of laminate, parquet and Co. But now the cork floor is experiencing a true revival - overhauled and better than ever. The natural talent is found more and more often in homes, houses and Co. But when buying should be paid to some specificities.

Pros and Cons: Beautiful living with cork

It can be installed anywhere: in the living room, in the hallway or even with seal in the bathroom. Cork flooring is experiencing a real revival and is being used more and more in house and apartment construction. The reason for this are the numerous advantages. Cork floor is:

  • heat-insulating
  • underarm
  • resistant
  • elastic and therefore gentle on the back
  • heavy duty
  • resistant to abrasion
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • anti-static
  • flame retardant
  • impervious to moisture
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to install

Cork flooring is not necessarily designed to be installed on a floor heating system. However, there are special shapes that indicate a hot-water floor heating with a separate symbol.

Different Looks: Going to Cork But Not Seeing It

Compared to the 80s, cork flooring is available in many colors today and with numerous decors. For the nostalgic lovers, of course, there is still the cork floor in classic granule optics. But progress makes it possible that cork flooring no longer has to look like cork flooring.

If you do not want to forego the benefits of the material, but love wood, you can opt for wood-effect cork flooring. This soil is not recognizable as cork. The material is printed on it - cork flooring can appear as light or dark as oak, beech, alder, birch and co. But also unusual species of wood can be mimicked with the cork floor: & quot; Mocca oak & ldquo; and & quot; gold apple & quot; are just a few of them.

But also a stone look is possible with cork floor. The floor looks like different tiles. It seems that the floor is made of slate, travertine or concrete. Again, many colors are possible. Hard to distinguish optically, but shows the advantage of the haptic. Cork flooring is far from being as cold as the view suggests according to the stone tile.

Load capacity: Pay attention to the use class when buying

The load capacity of the cork floor is not the same for every product. Therefore, depending on the intended use when purchasing should also be paid to the use class. This reveals how abrasion resistant the floor is. A total of six different usage classes are possible - the higher, the more resistant the floor is.

For private use:

  • 21: for moderately occupied rooms (eg guest rooms)
  • 22: for normally occupied rooms (for example Living room)
  • 23: for heavily used rooms (eg corridor)

For commercial use:

  • 31: for moderate use like the small office
  • 32: for normal use as in hotels and small shops
  • 33: for heavy duty as in department stores

Cork flooring is inherently quiet. However, the impact sound insulation can still be increased by a laminated noise reduction on the bottom. Another footfall sound insulation is unnecessary during installation. Pay attention to the corresponding symbol when buying.

Classic or modern: different types of installation

Those who choose cork flooring can also choose between two different basic models that influence the installation. So cork floor can be bought in tile form. More modern, however, is the cork finish parquet, which significantly simplifies laying with the classic click system.

Cork finish parquet is constructed in the same way as the classic prefinished parquet. It can be laid floating. The surface contains various sealing levels, the cork veneer gives the optics selected. Underneath are the pressed cork slab and the wood-based panel as a carrier. The installation is also the same - the panels are clicked into one another in rows.

Cork tiles, on the other hand, have only the cork veneer and the press cork base. They are glued over the entire surface. The substrate must be level and dry so that you can benefit from the flexible and insulating cork layer.

Pay attention to the cork logo. The German Cork Association (DKV) has issued this logo to guarantee quality, durability and European quality standards.

Places: Cork flooring is available here

Cork flooring can be purchased wherever there are building materials. The construction trade, DIY stores and co offer the different forms. Those who can hardly decide on the spot should use the possibility of sampling. For a deposit they can be taken and tested at home.

Cork flooring is also available online in a variety of different looks with just one click. Here as well should be paid to the possibility of sending samples - so as not to buy blind. These are usually also offered free of charge.

But even a look in newspaper and on classified ad portals can be worthwhile. Often left over tiles and pieces of laminate are offered here. Also used cork floor can be found here. Due to the high durability, this floor can be used for a long time.

Financial: It costs cork floor

The price of the cork floor varies according to different criteria. On the one hand, the costs for the finished parquet are significantly higher than for the panels. But also painting, waxing or oiling make the cork floor more expensive.

The cheap cork floors are available for a price per square meter of 25 euros. The most expensive variants rank at around 70 euros per square meter. Who has average demands on the new cork floor, should plan around 55 euros per square meter.

For the entire calculation, however, still include other costs: moisture barrier, (if necessary footfall sound insulation), baseboards, small footage and the pure installation costs are also included. Anyone who hires a craftsman can easily end up with around 2,500 euros for 30 square meters of cork floor.

Remaining stock and special offers save on purchasing cork floors. The click system can also save the craftsman quickly, as even laymen can move the cork floor so. Those who do not believe this, will often find pros on the online artisan fair for a smaller price.


If you think of cork floors, you have bad floors from the 80s in mind. But with more modern variants and different looks, this material is currently experiencing a revival. As a prefinished parquet or classically as tiles, you can benefit from this natural product. Cork floors are available both commercially and online - even used bargains are possible.

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