Buying Hollow Blocks: Pay Attention

Buying Hollow Blocks: Pay Attention

You want to build a garden wall or a garage? Then you have to buy hollow blocks in most cases. What you should be aware of is explained in the following lines.

It's hard to imagine the building industry: hollow blocks

They are used to build walls and walls. Hollow blocks are large-sized bricks that are equipped with air chambers. The mortar can spread during masonry, the stones are lighter and insulating materials can be introduced into the chambers for better heat conduction.

Until the seventies of the last century, they were the predominant building material for the outer walls and load-bearing walls in one- and two-family houses. But today they are more likely to find garages. Halls, walls and cellar constructions are used.

The stones are often made of concrete and filled with walls in contact with moisture. But also pieces of sand-lime brick, clay brick and lightweight concrete are available. The dimensions are different and can be adapted to any construction project. The usual wall thicknesses are between 11.5 and 36 centimeters.

The term hollow block is often used simultaneously with hollow stone and formwork stone, but not always in the same meaning. Therefore, when buying hollow blocks, you should pay close attention to whether the selected pieces are also suitable for the construction project.

Possible contact points: Here you can buy hollow blocks

If you want to buy hollow blocks, you can find offers from different suppliers. So the following points of contact are a good address:

  • DIY
  • Building materials
  • Online retailer
  • Concrete factories
  • Sand-lime brickworks
  • Private sellers

The assortment of hardware stores is designed for DIY needs and not always for large construction projects suitable. Many hardware stores do not have hollow blocks. The building materials trade, however, can usually serve with different copies. Factory sales are also possible. In most cases, the transport itself can be realized here when purchasing on site. But also included in the offer transport is possible. However, this increases the costs.

If you are looking for offers online, you should also pay attention to the delivery costs. These are usually exclusive of the price and will only be added to the sum upon completion of the sale.

Prices of hollow blocks: Depends on different factors

The price of hollow blocks depends primarily on the material. Particularly favorable are concrete specimens. These are often already available for around 2 euros each. This results in a price per square meter of around 14 to 17 Eure. The building materials lightweight concrete, clay and limestone are usually significantly expensive. However, these have different properties with regard to thermal insulation.

Hollow blocks made from clay tiles cost about 3 euros per piece and thus have a price per square meter of around 44 to 48 euros. Limestone bricks cost about 5 euros each, a wall of these pieces has an approximate price per square meter of 60 euros.

But also the sizes are crucial for the price of hollow blocks. Should the wall be raised with standard dimensions or should it be rarely used dimensions? That can drive up the price.

When buying hollow blocks, the other costs should be considered. The following mortar costs depend on size and type of stone in order to achieve the desired thermal insulation.

Bargains and savings: how are they possible?

It is not always necessary to reach deep into the bag when buying hollow blocks. Many building materials dealers also offer bargains. Quantity discount is one possibility. But also remainders are often cheaper to get. Likewise can be saved in the delivery costs - who compares here the offers of different dealers, can find the most favorable conditions. Negotiating with dealers can also be helpful. With a change in the wall thickness, the price can also be reduced.

Basically hollow blocks are cheaper in the building materials dealer than in the hardware store. Here the costs can differ by up to 50 percent.

Hollow blocks are durable. Therefore, it does not always have to be new copies. Who wants to buy hollow blocks, can also fall back to used copies. A look at Internet portals and in classifieds can be very helpful here. Many do-it-yourselfers sell used stones, others have miscalculated in their plans and construction material left over. If you can pick up the stones yourself, you can save a lot on your purchase.

If you want to buy hollow blocks, you should not just keep an eye on the purchase costs. Because even in the subsequent construction, cost advantages can arise. For example, if the stones are larger, less mortar is needed, the structure is faster and the wall structure becomes more uniform. These factors should also be considered in a larger construction project.


Hollow blocks can be purchased in many variations. The best point of contact for this is the building materials trade, which often offers different copies. The price depends on the dimensions and materials - concrete hollow blocks are often the cheapest. If you only need a few stones, you can also make cheap bargains with used materials - a look at the classifieds section is always worthwhile.

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