Cancel and Change Old Building Insurance

Cancel and Change Old Building Insurance

Most people are completely satisfied with their current insurance rate - At least they believe. Basically, there is almost always a better rate. If he is not better in terms of service, so there is certainly a cheaper rate. For consumers, that means it's time to switch. But notice and change need a little more than a letter of termination. What exactly is needed is summarized in this guidebook.

As a basic insurance that virtually every homeowner needs, consumers should pay close attention to this type of insurance. At least since & quot; Kyrill & ldquo; In January 2007 it caused enormous damage in the Federal Republic, it is clear how important a solid building insurance is. Among other things, it is used to protect against storm, hail, explosion, fire, lightning and flooding. Who is not satisfied with his current tariff, can simply change.

Before the termination

For the termination of the building insurance different reasons come into question: You are no longer satisfied with the range of services or the price is compared to the competition too high. Partly, the property is sold, which automatically a notice is necessary. If you want to change it, you should compare the current tariffs with a comparison calculator before canceling the building insurance. In this online tool the data of the real estate and the own requirements to the scope of insurance are registered. Subsequently, completely free suitable suppliers are listed. Anyone who wants to can go directly online and complete the application with the new insurance.

Cancel correctly

Normally you end the relationship with the insurance via a orderly termination . For building insurance, there is a notice period of three months before the end of the insurance year. When the year starts or ends, is in the insurance certificate. If a contract has been concluded for several years, a proper termination is not possible during this period. Consumers can then terminate only extraordinarily, for example in the event of a premium increase.

Exception: Extraordinary termination

  • Contribution increase : If the insurer increases his contributions, the consumer is entitled to a special right of termination. However, this only applies if there was no increase in the contribution increase. After receiving the information to increase the contribution, the insured have one month to respond with a notice.
  • Change of ownership : Anyone who chooses to sell his building can only give a proper termination and no special right of termination. The German law provides that the building insurance passes to the new owner. The new owner is not obliged to use this insurance. He can terminate the policy thanks to a special right of termination and opt for another tariff or provider. Basically, every buyer of a property should check the insurance coverage transferred to it, this can cause problems if the property is underinsured.
  • Damage : After an insured loss has been settled or settled, you can also cancel. Specifying the claim number, a period of one month after receipt of the notice of completion or after payment of compensation. Termination can be done either immediately or at the end of the insurance year.

Worth Knowing

Policyholders should spend a lot of time looking for a new provider, the Termination Notice as well as invest the change. As previously mentioned, a direct comparison of providers and their rates is of great importance. The scope of services looks similar at first glance - but the devil is in the detail. Important is not necessarily the price, but the range of services. Only if the offer tailored to the property has been found can the termination be made on the basis of our template for a notice of termination.

Important : If the building to be insured is financed, the bank or bank must agree to the change of insurance. In this case, the lender often requires the confirmation of the new provider. Consumers must submit their creditor's consent to their current insurer no later than one month before the termination date. Not infrequently, the insurer wants to see a land register extract. This extract must also be submitted one month before the termination date.

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