Car shelter: From the garage to the carport

Car shelter: From the garage to the carport

According to the Kraftfahrtbundesamt, there are around 45 million Passenger cars in Germany (as of 2016). Many of them belong to real estate owners who want to protect their beloved car from wind and weather, but also thieves. For the protection of the automobile, there are several products, a garage or a carport, for example. The following article gives an insight into the different products and explains the differences.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 63 percent of all German residents can park their vehicle on a parking space or in a garage [1] . Many of them own the garage or parking space. The higher the income, the greater the likelihood that the car will have its own home.

Owners of real estate have a free hand when it comes to their choice of automotive accommodation. Renters have to be content with what their landlord provides. What accommodation is suitable for the automobile?

A question of budget and space

Previously, there were only two ways to turn off the vehicle:

  1. a simple parking space
  2. a garage

Meanwhile, not only the Carport added, also in the other two categories a lot has happened. For example, a parking space should be designed and built to be barrier-free to meet the needs of all people. The garage no longer needs to be built stone on stone. There are finished solutions whose construction time is short and costs manageable.

Whether car owners choose a parking space, a garage or a carport depends on two factors:

  • available space : For a parking space, a carport or a garage Property owners give up part of their property. Depending on how this is divided, there is not always enough space for a garage. Because this is known to have three walls and a garage door. The prefabricated garage has the advantage that it is superior to the classic garage in terms of floor space. Due to the prefabricated construction, it has slimmer outer walls, creating a larger floor space. A brick wall is around 24 centimeters thick, the concrete wall of a prefabricated garage usually only six to eight centimeters. The carport or a simple parking space without a roof is worth a particularly small space.
  • Budget : Owners of land where theoretically a large garage could stand must consider the costs of the construction project. The thick walls of a classic garage provide for a comparatively high price. Prefabricated garages are around 50 percent cheaper. How high the price is exactly, can not say flat rate. According to, the price depends on many factors, including the construction, size, the chosen foundation and the scope of delivery of components and their assembly. An individual offer can provide information on this question.

Also consider the construction time for garages, prefabricated garages and carports. A parking space can be realized by DIY enthusiasts with a lawn grid quickly and cheaply on their own.

Consider the ventilation of the garage

If you decide to buy a garage, you should consider the disadvantages of this construction. Garages have the problem that they include moisture emanating from cars. This is problematic if the vehicle is rarely driven and is in the garage for a long time. Fortunately, the problem with peepholes can be solved elegantly. These are attached to the rear wall of the garage and controlled manually or electrically. An alternative is to install a modern garage door that allows air to circulate through a glass pane.

In both cases, real estate and car owners need to factor in the extra cost of these systems into their budget. The investment is necessary if you want to enjoy your vehicle for a long time.

If the cost of the measures is too high, we recommend that consumers opt for a carport. This has a natural air circulation.

Consider the environment when choosing a parking space

Whether garage, parking space or carport - Property owners should consider the environment in their choice. Every construction is an intervention in nature. Who realizes a parking space with lawn grid, keeps the intervention relatively low. The carport can also be installed in an environmentally friendly way.

When building a garage, it is not possible to use lawn grids as a base. In order to have a good conscience on sustainability and environmental protection, it is possible to realize a green roof. This not only looks nice, it also enhances the wellbeing of the inhabitants. The integration of a rainwater dispenser, which collects rainwater from the garage roof, is also practical.

Garage as a hobby room and workshop

Do-it-yourselfers not only love their car, but also their hobby: home improvement. You should check whether a (large) garage is worthwhile not only to accommodate the vehicle, but also to practice the hobby there. In a garage, do-it-yourselfers have the opportunity to house a workbench and its tools. The advantage: Those who work frequently in the garage can leave the garage door open and ensure good ventilation.

Of course, the use of the garage for manual work involves a higher investment. You need:

a good power supply

  • strong lighting
  • Tool mounting options
  • Material cabinets
  • Pay particular attention to the floor covering, which should be easy to clean and non-flammable. Anyone who welds often puts a fire extinguisher within reach.

Remember that your noisy work in the garage can bother neighbors. In this case, make sure there is good soundproofing.

Renting a garage or parking space

There are situations that do not allow the construction of a garage, parking space or carport. Car owners do not want to forego this privilege, for example because they own an expensive vehicle. In this case, there are two options:

Rent a Garage

  1. : In cities, it is unfortunately quite difficult to rent individual garages. The greatest success have home improvement, if they are looking in classifieds and advertisements. Garage rentals are usually only to be found locally. Hire pitch
  2. : pitches - covered or not - are now increasingly offered. Especially in big cities, these are badly needed. The search is done locally like the garage. Some insurance companies do not recognize public parking spaces. Clarify the scope of insurance with your insurer beforehand.


Car owners understandably want to protect their car. For this you can realize a parking space, a garage or a carport. Each construction has certain advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed.

Household goods and housing situation

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    Article Image: © Alita Bobrov / Shutterstock