Carport or Garage - Where is the car best at night?

Carport or Garage - Where is the car best at night?

The Germans care for their car with much love. This also means that the vehicle receives a secure parking space at night. However, the opinions of motorists differ when it comes to the parking solution for home. A carport or a garage - what's the better choice? We are dedicated to this question in today's guidebook.

A carport is cheaper

If you have a tight budget, you should opt for a carport. He clearly represents the cheaper option. Prefabricated wood kits are already available for about 1000 €. A garage can easily cost five times as much.

Especially if the garage is custom-built, the costs will skyrocket.

Both options will require a bit of paperwork, as it will require an advertisement and often even a building permit .

The garage is safer.

If you are looking for a high level of safety for your car, then a lockable garage is the best option. The vehicle is optimally protected against theft and vandalism in the garage. Especially rare or valuable cars belong therefore in a garage. The same applies to weather-sensitive vehicles such as convertibles and vintage cars. In addition, the garage offers another advantage: It optimally protects against marten bites. In addition, it offers storage space for other accessories such as tires or the like. If it is connected directly to the house, you can also come in dry and warm weather in bad weather.

In the garage: The ventilation helps against rust formation

Against the garage is often used as an argument that there after rain driving or if you like to collect moisture in the snow. A carport, however, is better ventilated. But does that also mean that the car in the garage rust faster? Not necessarily. Good ventilation prevents rust formation. In addition, the garage better protects against snow, ice and moisture, which in turn avoids rust.

The garage protects better from extreme weather conditions. In the summer, the car is cooler for longer and in winter the windows are free.

The carport, on the other hand, can offer only limited protection against the weather. If the wind is unfavorable or it is very cold, the windows also freeze in the carport.

The garage has a positive effect on the insurance

In your decision, you should also be involved with the car insurance the so-called & bdquo; garage discount & ldquo; can save. The insurance premiums are cheaper for cars parked in the garage. After all, cars that are on the road or in a carport are also more likely to be damaged. The garage prevents a lot of damage right from the start, for example through:

  • Vandalism
  • Severe weather
  • Theft

The discount for garage vehicles is usually between three and five percent. There is often no discount for vehicles in the carport, and if it does, it is much lower.

Nevertheless, policyholders should of course always keep to the truth. The carport can not be specified as a garage. Otherwise, the insurance company could reduce the replacement and increase the premium.

For this reason, it makes little sense to specify the carport as a garage in the hope of lower premiums.


When asked if there is a garage or should be a carport to safely park the car at home, German motorists are not unanimous. The fact is that a carport is the cheaper choice. However, a garage is safer and has a positive effect on the insurance premiums.

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