Chandelier: a glamorous design element

Chandelier: a glamorous design element

Many people would like to show their glamorous side in their own home, but they do not know exactly how to do it. A magnificent chandelier would be the best choice. It not only creates a glamorous accent in large rooms, but also gives them an opulent look. Chandeliers are available in a wide range of designs and sizes today. They can be modern and pure, dainty and simple or exquisite and opulent. When it comes to material, there is nothing left to be desired: glass, plastic or precious stone break the light rays into many small light sources and thus create a unique lighting effect.

The different types

The classic chandelier is called chandelier and consists of a Metal frame , which has numerous arms. Today the frame is made of many different materials, including wood, glass and plastic. The material affects not only the look, but also the price. The arms of the chandelier, in turn, have numerous decorative elements made of crystal glass or similar materials, which brilliantly break the light and thus provide atmospheric lighting.

When lighting bulbs, interested people have to make a hard decision: candles or lamps? The former were used for the first chandeliers, but are no longer contemporary and practical. When the chandelier is mounted high, it becomes cumbersome to light and replace the candles. Anyone who still insists on the appearance of candles can buy a chandelier whose lamps have a candle shape.

The ideal size

The choice of modern or classic chandeliers today is not only great, but also for everyone payable. While many years ago, these jewels could only be admired in the homes of the rich, anyone can buy them today. Many centuries ago, they were decorated with candles and adorned magnificent palaces and churches. Crystal and glass elements existed as early as the 17th century, which made special light effects possible. The chandeliers have retained this charm to this day. In large rooms, they have a representative character, but at the same time also fill reception halls and halls with atmospheric lighting. In your own four walls with chandeliers special lighting is possible. The bigger the room, the more unusual the chandelier can be. Small rooms and those with low ceilings, on the other hand, require less bulky models that are not distracting and attract all attention. To determine the ideal size of the chandelier, the following formula is suggested:

Room width (m) + room length (m) x 10 = Diameter of chandelier (cm)

The ideal place to hang

Chandeliers draw in contrast to conventional Lamps all eyes on itself, therefore, the place wants to be well considered for hanging. In the past, such a chandelier was hung exclusively in large halls and halls, today the applications are much more diverse. Chandeliers like to hang over the kitchen table or bed in the bedroom. Because the chandeliers attract everyone's attention, they need large rooms with high ceilings. In small rooms, they can also provide light if they are not too bulky. Decisive are size and positioning. The chandelier should not be in anyone's way. That's why glamorous consumers need to hang it up in the upper quarter of the room.

Care and Cleaning

Crystal and other chandeliers on the chandelier should sparkle anytime, for the well-known Lighting effect . There are two methods of cleaning: dry or wet.

There are also two variants for wet cleaning:

  1. Lukewarm water in combination with a few drops of detergent.
  2. A special cleaner for chandeliers, which is placed in a spray bottle becomes. Then spray the chandelier with it and drain. Finally, polish with a soft cloth.

During dry treatment, the dust is removed with a duster, which is available at the drugstore. As an alternative, there are also special nozzles with soft, adjustable bristles for vacuum cleaners, with which the dust can be removed.

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