Change relocation: These jobs need to be contacted

The head is full, time is short and the purse is empty. Moving costs not only nerves. Between all the moving boxes numerous regulatory changes are necessary. Quickly there is forgotten one or the other. A checklist provided a remedy: Where and when which re-registration has to be made is revealed in the following lines:

Official re-registration - the registration office

Above all, the relocation involves the authorities to whom the new address must be communicated. The registration office or the Bürgeramt is the first address here. Here is often a period of one week, in some communities also two weeks after moving. Nevertheless, people who are willing to relocate should inform the authorities beforehand - some cities only work with prior appointment.

It is often necessary to go to the office. The change of registration has to be done personally and on site. Only in a few regions (such as Cologne and Bavaria) is a postal re-registration accepted. But what if the grandmother moves to a nursing home and is no longer in a position to go to the office? Then a power of attorney with which a representative can act helps.

In addition to the relocation reporting form, there are several documents required on this authority:

  • Identity Card
  • Passport
  • New Lease
  • Lessor's Certificate

The latter must be submitted since 1 November 2015. In it, the landlord confirmed the move into the new apartment. This notification can be made both in writing and electronically. In many communities, the re-registration is free. However, some cities require a small fee for the re-registration - Hamburg, for example, charges six euros.

The re-registration is mandatory under the Reporting Act. If you do not do this in time, you have to expect fines. If you miss a few days, these are usually small amounts around 10 to 30 euros. In extreme cases, however, can also be subject to 1000 € penalty.

Tax Office, Labor Office & Co - more authorities must be informed

The authorities marathon has only begun with the registration office. Many other government agencies have to be informed about the new address. At the tax office it needs the message immediately, if the move went to a new city. If the flat was only changed within the municipality, the tax office can find out the new address with the next tax return.

The employment agency must be re-registered at an early stage, so that benefits received are not undesirable. Here it is recommended to announce the move before the actual date already. However, the notification can often be easily done by phone or online.

Do you own one or more vehicles? Even cars, motorcycles and co must be re-registered to the new address. If the move takes place within a city, you do not need new license plates. In a new community they can be changed - but they do not have to. Because since 2015, a new regulation, which allows nationwide the preservation of the license plate. The vehicle registration office also needs some important documents that have to be brought to the re-registration:

  • Identification card
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • eVB number
  • HU / AU certificate
  • License plates

In many cases the re-registration of the vehicle is not free. Around 30 euros should be scheduled. If you want to have your wish plate, you have to dig deeper. Even if the vehicle is re-registered fines, the re-registration is not promptly after the move.

Another authority is the GEZ, which must also not be forgotten. But here the transfer is often very easy on the Internet.

Do not forget: partners in daily life

Even the partners in daily life have to know about the move. First and foremost is the employer. In order to continue to receive the payroll on time, it is often sufficient to go to the secretariat or personnel office.

Suppliers must also be contacted in case of a move. Electricity, gas, water and district heating are no longer needed in the old apartment, but after moving to the new one. Here, in many cases, the meter reading is required - take care when handing over the flats to get this information.

Similarly, the landline and Internet contract must be terminated with the appropriate provider for the old apartment. Usually a call is enough here. If the move to a very rural area, should be informed in good time about the possible connections. A nationwide supply is still not guaranteed everywhere. Attention: Mobile service providers also do not forget! But also services such as television and streaming offers are on the Ummeldeliste. After all, one or the other film should also be enjoyed in the new apartment.

One of the most important partners in daily life are banks and savings banks. The local consultants often help here and offer a relocation service. The tax or financial advisor must not be missing. Insurance partners also need the new address - especially the health insurance.

Are children in the house? Then you have to take care of your visit to kindergarten and school at an early stage. If the move to a new community, it needs new places. If kindergarten and school do not need to be changed, however, the new address should be deposited here promptly.

The tenants' association must also be informed about the move. Here is the membership bound to the apartment. The re-registration is usually uncomplicated online, paid contributions are often credited to the new regional club.

To have a secure feeling that all consignments arrive despite moving you, you can install a forwarding order at the post office. For a fee, it sends all shipments (letters, parcels and parcels) to the new address for half a year or a whole year.

In private life: inaugurating friends and family at an early age

In addition to all the official posts, private life is not allowed to be overlooked. If you move, inform friends and family. Not only to be able to hold the contact afterwards, but also to get help when moving. Many a circle of friends would like to throw a farewell party.

Are you a member of associations? Do you have a library card? These are also bodies that should be informed about the new address. Likewise, pets have to be rebooked. If the daily newspaper also arrives in the new mailbox, all subscriptions also require information. And make sure that the next time you order the Internet at your local mail-order house, that the new address is also delivered here.

Watch the incoming letters weeks before the move. Some senders are not yet on the list of places where the move must be reported. The same trick works after the move with the forwarding.

Checklist for the overview

So many people quickly lose track of where to change after a move.

  • Employment Agency
  • Attorney
  • Employer
  • Student Bafög Office
  • Banks
  • Residents' Registration Office
  • Family <. The following checklist helps to avoid overlooking anyone - in alphabetical order
  • Television and Streaming Services
  • Tax Office
  • Friends
  • GEZ
  • Pets
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Internet Platforms and Ordering Services
  • Vehicle Registration Office
  • Kindergarten / School
  • Child Allowance Office
  • health insurance
  • Mieterbund
  • tax consultants / financial advisors / insurance consultants
  • Telephone Providers
  • Associations
  • Public Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Newspaper Subscriptions


If you are moving, you need to tell a lot of people about the new address. Not only authorities, but also partners of daily life need the new contact. Care should be taken to ensure that some places are informed before the move.

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