Checklist for Real Estate Sales

May the motives be very different but so are but especially buildings more and more in the course, so that prospective buyers excessively often strike here. The advantages are obvious, old buildings have their own climate, their own character and, moreover, an order in the settlement and the street at the same time. In short, the overall concept fits in, at least superficially and at first glance.

We have already reported on the risks that are on the side of the buyer on HeimHelden. But if you look at the other side, you will get deeper points, which especially longtime owners should go through step by step to be on the safe side. An orderly bookkeeping , when which renovations were carried out and on which conditions, is a first indication for the proper use and thus a sales argument. Not too often one hears about incalculable risks that have faced buyers, as they gave faith in the rule specified by the seller or the broker.

In order to give you for the correct valuation clues that nevertheless a professional inventory usually not replace, we give here a few tips that should be considered.

Be up to date

Often it is the case that the acquisition and the sales arrangements are taken over by a broker. At the same time, he receives a commission, which the buyer and the seller either share or are wholly owned by the buyer. He will therefore act on your behalf, so that it is dependent on an accurately managed list of defects and the like in order to put potential buyers fully into the picture. You, as the owner, have to do homework in such a case so that the broker can do his job.

This primarily includes a current land register excerpt , which provides security for both sides. On the one hand, this secures the work of the broker, since the identity of the seller and the owner entered in the land register is guaranteed and checked. On the other potential burdens manifest themselves as on the property that have a significant impact on the pricing and feasibility of a sale rights of third parties in the property, for example the issue of leasehold are not without reason everyone & acute; s. Thing.

Next up is the site map , the floorplans and views from different locations. This plays into the hands of the buyer, since financing is an indispensable prerequisite for investors to have an idea of ​​which property they are financing. Here, it also depends on the detection of the individual rooms, as the buyer first comes to inspections during visits - they then plan room by room, and the narrower or inflexible the room design, the more difficult a sale becomes. Leave that part calm your broker who is already lay solely from itself and representation reasons importance to publish professional-looking and serious images.

Let determined to a certain extent official, respectively, by an expert moderation of a house. This Area Calculation and Calculation of the enclosed space are important to the financing bank, as can be drawn based on the comparisons and calculations are hard, if the purchase does not correspond to current prices or. And if not, what factors are responsible and how these affect price increases. Finally, the bank wants to have the certainty that, in line with the mortgage lending value, there is something behind it, which can be handled in an emergency without major effort. Pay attention here to the completeness of your documents and attach changed sketches due to conversions and Co. to them.

Score with individual accents

Especially for professional shoppers it comes at the end of an important detail, namely the detailed Construction description of the object to be divested. All installed materials and structures are listed so that statements can be made about the quality and stability of the basic substance. Do not be afraid to invest a little more time for these documents, because with the conscience of a solid construction quality can be hollowed out some negative points.

Which would be synonymous with the topic, the price and presentation of the property itself. For home sales In the countryside it is often seen that owners attend the apartment tours. This can also be helpful in the vast majority of cases, since just off-shore land, self-made homes, and highly subtle extensions often require salespeople to argue.

Explain to interested parties the motives behind Attachments How you have implemented them and how to handle obvious weaknesses in masonry or compare locations so that you are no reason against buying them. Make it clear that due to refurbishments and refurbishments you have kept the house in good shape - this reduces the necessary investment volume of the buyer, who therefore has some latitude in submitting the purchase offer.

Concluding remarks

Finally, it can be said that especially in old buildings, cables are so obstructed that plans rarely reveal the whole truth. We are talking about the appropriate supply coverage, for example gas, oil, or renewable energies, and thus significantly reduced maintenance costs for the property. In such a case, you can look at evaluations from the last few years, so that you can prove savings in euros and cents - for example, if you expect photovoltaic systems on your property, or a modern heating system is installed, this reduces noticeably small defects, for their elimination the future owners have only additional reserves.

The better you present , the stronger your negotiating positions will be in case of deficiencies that will surely lead you to the buyer and thus provoke a price reduction. If you can counter here, through concrete savings or modern technology, you reduce the necessary deductions. Note, however, that basically only investments in the basic structure of the house actively contribute to the increase in value . A nice living room, a modern kitchen or a luxurious bathroom may have been expensive, but if this is not the claim of the buyer, then this will allow the cost of a new bathroom and deduct accordingly. But do not take this point too seriously, because after all, your personal well-being is in your own four walls. But for a potential sale, you should have that in mind.

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