Cistern for Toilet - Look Out for It

Cistern for Toilet - Look Out for It

Did your old cistern give up? Are you looking for a new cistern and do not know exactly what to pay attention to when buying? Or would you like to repair your cistern and are you looking for useful tips?

If that's the case then this article will answer all your questions. Therefore, you should now read this article in great detail, so that in the future you have a cistern in your toilet, which hopefully no longer causes you any problems.

Which cistern in your new toilet should you choose?

Are you looking for a new cistern and do not know which one to choose? Then we would like to help you and provide the right answer for your problem.

Basically, you have the choice between surface-mounted cisterns and concealed cisterns. The difference between the different forms is that a surface-mounted cistern is much easier to install than a concealed cistern.

Although this is a decisive advantage, the surface-mounted cistern takes up much more space. In addition, the concealed cistern for a layman is much more complicated to assemble. If you do not have the proper skills yourself, you should place an order in the hands of an experienced craftsman.

However, this may incur additional costs. Also, the cleaning of a Aufputzspülkasten much easier, since you do not have to rip the wall again every time. For cost reasons, it is therefore more advantageous for you to opt for a surface-mounted cistern.

You would like to buy a new cistern for your toilet: Basically, you have the choice between a surface-mounted cistern or concealed cistern. The former, however, is much easier to assemble.

How do I know that the new cistern in the toilet can even be connected?

Many people are often faced with the question of whether the new cistern in the toilet ever mounted can. Above all, the installation of a Aufputzspülkastens done completely easily. On the other hand, a flush-mounted cistern should not be installed without the necessary experience, as otherwise damage may occur which could lead to further costs.

How to successfully repair the cistern in your toilet

Occasionally damage to the cistern may occur that need to be repaired. In this context, one should not fall prey to the erroneous belief that each time a lot of money for a new cistern must be spent. In many cases, you can carry out repairs yourself.

The most common causes of damage to your cistern are briefly summarized here:

  • Damaged or broken floats
  • Damage or defects to the respective valves
  • Bent or Broken Plastic Arm
  • Sealing of Seals
  • Sinking of Metal Parts

All you need to repair the parts is the tools and spare parts. For example, the tools you need include water pumping pliers or, in some cases, a screwdriver.

In addition, you will need the materials you need to repair. These include, for example, seals, floats, actuating arms, inlet valves or a flexible hose.

Then proceed as follows: First of all, remove the lid of the cistern. In most cases, this can be easily lifted off with your hands. Others are secured with a click device or screw.

The next step is to disassemble the cistern. To do this, first hang the actuating arm. Then pull up the float. Now the water should drain off successfully.

At the bottom of the cistern you should now check the rubber seal. You will find another seal on the inlet profile, which you should also check and replace if necessary.

Now place all removed parts in a bucket with water and a lime-dissolving agent (eg citric acid). It can usually take several hours for the solution to work successfully.

After allowing the solution to work for a few hours, clean each part with a wire brush. You can also rinse off the rust on the metal parts (for example, the inlet valve).

Once you have completed this process, install the parts of the cistern in the appropriate order and allow the water to re-flow. If there is still water overflow, it is most likely that one of the seals or even the float is broken.

If, however, the water flows very slowly into the cistern, then it may be due to the inlet valve not being correct was attached. Another reason could be that the inlet valve or flexible hose is leaking. Simply run a test by turning the water up.

You can also repair a cistern for the toilet yourself without any experience. If you can not find a solution yourself, do not consult a craftsman.


In this article, you will learn how to find the right cistern for your toilet, how exactly it is installed and what you are looking for Have to pay attention to repair. So now you are ready to find or repair the right cistern for your toilet.

If you need any additional information or clarification, then it is always wise to consult an expert who will assist you his expertise.

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