Clean oven - 7 tips that will definitely help

Clean oven - 7 tips that will definitely help

Branded fat! , dried-on food and bad encrustations make it difficult to clean the oven. On the contrary, it is often associated with a veritable show of strength, if you want to clean the stove again blank. Fortunately, today we have seven tips for you that will help you remove even the most stubborn dirt from your hotplate - without getting out of breath or sore the next day.

Tip # 1: Deferred is not lifted!

When cleaning the oven, the opposite is true: If you do not immediately clean the stove immediately after cooking or baking, you soon have to struggle with baked-on residues. Grease and dirt penetrate deep into the surface. Then it is really hard to get the stove clean again. In addition, this negligence is also dangerous, because often at the next startup, a smoke that can damage your health. We therefore highly recommend that you thoroughly clean your oven after each use. Conventional rinsing agent in combination with water is often enough. It's best to get used to this routine directly.

Tip # 2: Find the Appropriate Method for Your Oven

"What Mutti recommends can not be so wrong & ldquo; Many people think and apply the same cleaning method to their own stove. However, this can have fatal consequences, because not every brushing method is equally suitable for all ovens! It depends on the materials of the surfaces.

Old stoves often have enamel surfaces that scratch very easily. They must not be cleaned with scouring milk or steel wool. The ceramic hob is also very sensitive and should never be cleaned with steel cleaning pads. Instead, it is recommended to soak stubborn dirt first with a damp cloth and then gently wipe it off.

Tip # 3: Remove Parts for Cleaning

Some elements of the oven can be easily removed for better cleaning. These include, for example,

  • shields
  • gas crowns the gas stove
  • Control Switch
  • Side racks and shelves in the oven
  • baking sheets

The removed parts can soak in warm water, so that the dirt can be removed

To persistent dirt, declare the fight by soaking the individual pieces in water for several hours, adding a few drops of vinegar.

Afterwards, you only need a damp cloth or a soft sponge to

Tip 4: Using the oven self-cleaning mode

Many ovens have a self-cleaning function. This is especially true for modern devices. A distinction is made between catalytic self-cleaning and pyrolysis.

How catalytic self-cleaning works

Devices that use the first method are coated in the interior. Already during cooking, all grease and dirt splashes are converted into water and carbon dioxide.

Baking sprays, scouring pads or scouring cream must not be used on ovens with catalytic self-cleaning. You would damage the coating!

After cooking, all you have to do is use a damp cloth to clean the oven.

Pyrolysis uses heat

Pyrolysis uses heat to clean it. The oven heats up to 500 degrees to decompose stubborn dirt. This cleaning is not free, because it uses a lot of power. Depending on the duration you pay for a pyrolysis about two euros. Therefore, you should use this method only for heavy soiling. The oven can not be opened during the cleaning program as this would be too dangerous. After no more than three hours, all dirt is just ashes. It is important to ventilate afterwards, as the kitchen smells unpleasant after cleaning and a lot of chemical substances are released.

Tip 5: Fighting the dirt with the toothbrush

You can also use a soft toothbrush against dried-on dirt on the hobs. Put a wet cloth on the grease stains and leave it there for some time. Then carefully brush off the stains with the toothbrush.

Tip 6: Baking soda is not just good for baking

If none of these cleaning tips could help you out, you still have the opportunity to try different home remedies. In every household you will find baking soda. This wonder drug has long been not only suitable for baking, but is also considered one of the most helpful tricks against dirt in the kitchen. Mix a packet of powder with three tablespoons of mineral water. Stir well enough to make a pulp. Apply this paste to the encrusted areas with a pastry brush. Let the mixture work for at least thirty minutes. Then wipe the oven with a soft cloth.

Tip 7: Salt and baking soda against dirt in the oven

Soda and salt are not only used in recipes for cooking and baking. Both means are perfect for bringing the stove back to a shine. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Sprinkle the salt or soda on the impurities.
  2. Be generous and cover the stains completely.
  3. Heat the oven to 50 degrees for about an hour.
  4. Then let it cool down.
  5. Now wipe everything thoroughly again.

You will see that the dirt can now be easily removed.

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