Grout coarse - Areas of application & properties

Grout coarse - Areas of application & properties

Do you fancy a Change in your home, because you just looked at the old Rascha wallpaper, the smooth plaster or the previous tiles? Then do it after the numerous other do-it-yourselfers and resort to a textured roller brush for renovation. Many hobby craftsmen prefer roll plaster to normal plaster because it is easier to process and apply to walls. In addition, Rollputz offers the possibility to make the wall very individual and creative. For example, it can be mixed in any color. Another advantage is that rolling plaster is suitable for almost any surface. A special variant of the rolling plaster is rough, which is characterized by a large grain size. What special features he has, for what he is well suited, which manufacturers offer this type of rolling plaster and with what prices you can expect, learn in this guide. In addition, we'll give you a few tips to keep in mind when working with coarse plaster.

What is Coarse Render?

As a "Coarse Render" coarse & ldquo; One refers to plasters that can be applied with the role and have a large grain size. In the trade you will find different types of rough rolling plaster. Ready-to-use variants are particularly popular because the handling is very easy here. In addition, a distinction is made between simple synthetic or lime-based roller coasters and effect plasters, with which you can, for example, achieve a marble or natural stone effect.

When plastering with roller plaster, the structure of the roller is transferred to the wall. Therefore, the wall is not completely smooth - no matter whether you use fine or coarse roll plaster. You can achieve a smooth result only when plastering with a trowel.

With coarse roll plaster, the structure is even more pronounced than with fine-grained variants. This appeals to most people very well, because rooms with structured walls radiate a cozy atmosphere. Often therefore even certain tools are used, which provide for an even stronger structure, such as surface brush, structural rollers and structural sponges.

Which properties and benefits does this plaster bring?

Rolling plaster is one of the most popular design options for interior walls, because it can be easily and well processed. He creates a great structure on the wall. Even laymen succeed with coarse roll plaster to clean a wall clean and tidy. The use of coarse roller plaster therefore offers many advantages, especially for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers:

  • Child-friendly plastering of the walls in the house
  • You can simply apply the plaster with the roller
  • Any creative structures can be implemented
  • Odorless and breathable
  • Impact and impact resistant
  • Short drying time

Many products are also solvent-free.

In general, roller coats are miscible in every color, so you have the full creative freedom in wall design.

For processing of roller plaster suitable are short-pile paint rollers and structural tools such as spatula, brush and textured rollers. It is only important that the tools are rust-free.

Possible applications for coarse rolling plaster

Coarse grain rolling plaster is suitable as a decorative wall coating for almost any application. It can be used on almost any surface indoors, such as on other interior plasters, gypsum, concrete, plasterboard and even on tiles. Only on wallpaper Rollputz should not be used.

Tiles must be leveled before applying the Rollputzes but only because the Rollputz is not applied in sufficient thickness to compensate for the bumps. Just the joints must be filled with the trowel clean. Once the putty has dried, a suitable depth is applied. After that it is possible to work as usual with the coarse roller plaster.

Even for damp rooms and the sanitary area rolling plaster is rough. However, it is important to pay attention to choosing a suitable product before buying. Diffusion-open plasters are to be preferred because they are able to absorb the higher humidity. Accordingly, in particular a coarse-grained lime plaster comes into question. It has the advantage that it is very mildew resistant and helps to prevent moisture damage.

Which manufacturers have rough plaster rough on offer?

Coarse plaster can be found in almost every hardware store. Just take a look around the market at your place, sure there are corresponding products to buy. However, the following applies: Roll plaster is not the same as roll plaster. The individual products differ not only in the grain, but also in the exact composition. Highly recommended are the razors of Hornbach, Knauf Easyputz and Lugato. If you can not find what you are looking for in your hardware store, you can also search the internet for & quot; Rollputz grob & ldquo;

Which prices are typical for coarse rolling plaster?

Basically you will find a cheap choice with coarse roll plaster. Because: The finer the grit, the more the price climbs. Fine-grained roller plasters cost in the 10-kilogram container usually 25 to 30 euros. For this price, you will receive roughly white coarse plaster already in double quantity.

One differentiates between roller coats and the type of processing. There are on the one hand finished products in the container and the other powder, which must first be stirred. The latter are usually a bit cheaper than the ready-to-use roller plasters.

Loam and lime plasters, however, are more expensive than roller plasters based on synthetic resin. In very good quality lime plaster in 8-kilogram containers costs about 70 euros. You can save money by choosing larger containers. Please pay attention to the yield when comparing prices: 20 kilograms of synthetic resin-based roller trim are sufficient for about 30 square meters. If you use lime plaster instead, you will need about one-third less plaster for the same area.

Conclusion on coarse brushing

Now that you know the price you need to plan for coarse plaster and where to put the plaster you can start processing. Be sure to consider the following tips when applying the coarse grout, so that nothing can go wrong in the design of your walls and for a clean, satisfactory result:

  • Provide a clean, oil and grease-free, dry and stable surface
  • Treat Gypsum Board Joints with an Insulating Barrier
  • Remove Baffling and Unsustainable Coatings
  • Thoroughly wash away chalking surfaces and greases
  • You must also clean wallpaper and paste residue-free
  • Leave Drying new plasters for at least four weeks
  • Sand, absorbent or old surfaces can be pretreated with a security primer or acrylic primer.
  • Plaster primer paint ensures improved adhesion of the rolling plaster

before you apply the rolling plaster to the wall , you should also moisten the paint roller a little. Then she can absorb the rolling plaster better.


Coarse roll plaster is well suited to the creative design of interior walls because it allows you to create any texture in your desired color. Not only does it stand out for its ease of use, because it is easy to apply with the roller, but it also offers other benefits such as high impact and impact resistance, good breathability and a short drying time. Coarse Grout is available in almost every hardware store, with products based on synthetic resins being cheaper than special effect, lime or clay plasters.