Costs for new heating pay for themselves quickly

Costs for new heating pay for themselves quickly

Old heating systems are inefficient - every property owner knows that. Since 2015 many old heaters have to be replaced. But products that are not affected by the EnEV 2014 should also be critically appraised. If you have bought an old house, it may be worthwhile to install a new heating system. The investment pays for itself within a short time.

Low German oil prices benefit many German households who use the black gold. The cost savings will not last forever, after all, oil is a finite resource. Homeowners should benefit from their savings and consider replacing their heating.

Modern heating with condensing technology

It is estimated that there are about 5.8 million oil heating systems in Germany. A large part of it is in need of renovation. The degree of utilization of these old products is low and one third is loss. This means that the owners can only use two-thirds of the production for heat recovery.

Modern condensing boiler systems have an annual efficiency of up to 98 percent. In these systems, a heat exchanger is used, the resulting exhaust gases feeds the heating circuit. Consequently, the gases do not evaporate unused in the atmosphere. By installing such a heater, homeowners can reduce their oil consumption by up to 30 percent.

Considering Renewable Energy

Oil is currently cheap, so many homeowners want to take advantage of the price range. The installation of a new heater is, however, to be considered in the long term. The price reduction can be over in a few months.

For this reason, it is very important to consider heat from renewable energies. If you really want to install an oil heater, you can combine it with a solar thermal system. These systems use the power of the sun, which reduces oil consumption.

Such systems are particularly profitable in southern Germany. They try to tap as much energy as possible from the power of the sun. Only when this is not enough, the oil operation is turned on.

Early investment is particularly worthwhile

Whether homeowners install a new oil heater, a hybrid model or another system does not matter: the fact is that they benefit from the investment, depending earlier they do this. Depending on the investment level, a different amortization period arises. After ten, fifteen or twenty years, the investment is balanced and consumers start to benefit from it. The sooner one exchanges the heating system, the longer one benefits from the new generation of heat.

People from the age of 50 ask themselves again and again whether it is still worthwhile to renew the heating system. This question is easy to answer given the growing life expectancy in Germany: in 2006 the average life expectancy was 77.17 years for men and 82.40 years for women. Six years later, she rose to 78.13 and 83.05 years. People live longer, so that investments over the age of 50 can be worthwhile.

Overview of costs and savings

In Germany, most people heat with oil or gas. The two raw materials are still popular. The replacement of old heaters in most cases with newer models. The cause is the cost: oil and gas heaters are cheaper than appliances using renewable energy.

Below we show the potential cost savings of replacing an old oil and gas heater with a contemporary condensing boiler [1].

Oil heating system Old system New system Saving
Annual consumption 3,400 l 2,600 l 800 l
Annual costs [2] 2,040 € 1,560 € 480 €
Gas heating system Old system New system Saving
Annual consumption 3,400 m 3 2,500 m 3 900 m 3
Costs per year [3] 1,685 € 1,239 € 446 €

Homeowners save around 31 each year or 36 percent heating costs, if they replace their old oil or gas heating.

According to an article in the magazine Capital (issue 12/2011), a new heating system for a single-family home, which costs 10,500 euros, has a payback period of about six years. Depending on the size of the building, the payback period can be up to ten years. Those who opt for renewable energy must assume that the investment will only pay for themselves in about 15 years.

Benefit from subsidies and cut costs

The newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten reports on the funding pot of the city of Münster, which is not complete in 2015 was used. Around 125,000 euros are left. With the money many families could have paid part of their new heating.

There is still a lack of knowledge about the numerous subsidies available nationwide. There are subsidies from different institutes on different terms.

  • There are favorable loans at the KfW banking group. With the Credit Program, it funds 151/152 (individual) measures whose goal is to reduce energy costs. Anyone who exchanges their old heating system for an oil or gas condensing heating system will receive a loan with low interest rates and long-term fixed interest.
  • There is also funding from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. It promotes the installation of a solar thermal system with up to 2,000 euros. If you also replace your old heating system with a condensing boiler model, you will receive a bonus of 500 euros.

In addition to these two variants, municipalities, cities and federal states also offer subsidies. We recommend consumers who wish to install a new heater to contact an energy consultant. He will be able to tell you which heating is suitable for your house and which subsidies are available.


The replacement of the heating is in some cases required by law. Even if this is not the case, it is worthwhile to make a calculation about the energy and cost savings. The investment usually pays off within 15 years at the latest.

  1. House built in 1989, 140 m 2 Living space, 27 kW oil or gas boiler
  2. Price of heating oil: 60 € per 100 l
  3. Natural gas price: 6.52 cents / kWh, calorific value: 8, number of items: 0.95

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