Recent Living Room Trends

Recent Living Room Trends

The living room is in many cases the linchpin in the house or in an apartment. Here is eaten together, played or spent an exciting movie night. Again and again, there are some trends that cause changes in your own living room. Home kitchens, and not least wall tattoos set visual highlights and provide plenty of comfort in your own four walls.

Tattoos for the wall: a pattern wallpaper does not have to be

From early childhood many people know how most of the her own father laboriously put the pattern wallpaper on the wall in many hours to later realize that the patterns in the front and back do not fit. The trouble was inevitable. In the meantime, patterns, lettering or ornaments no longer have to be papered. Rather, there is beautiful wall decoration for sticking. No matter if flowers, animals or other motifs: So-called wall tattoos are currently available in a wide variety of variations, shapes and colors. Glued on quickly and simply, the tattoos make for a lot of fun. The advantage of the stickers is certainly that they leave quickly, if the taste changes. In order for the tattoos to adhere well, the wall must first be cleaned a bit from dust and bumps.

Open living-kitchen area

Previously, in many apartments, the kitchen and living room were strictly separated. In addition, there was a separate dining room. Today, the trend is to combine all three rooms, creating an open-plan kitchen. Of course, the areas are separated from each other, so not the sofa is right on the stove. The perfect coordination between the furniture creates a very unique look that makes the living room the central place in an apartment more than ever.

Cinema in your own living room

Living rooms are becoming more and more of a cinema in your own four walls , This is certainly due to the high quality home theater systems that are now available for purchase. LCD and LED flat screen televisions in XXL format and a tuned Dolby Surround 5.1 system provide picture and sound in excellent quality. 3D TVs can enhance the cinema experience even further. Anyone who is interested in home theater system, but should not just buy it. The quality of the room is very important for the perfect audiovisual experience.

XXL furniture

The sofa is certainly the favorite place in the living room. There, many people come to rest, read an exciting book or just watch TV. In the furniture store, the trend is clearly towards sofas and armchairs in XXL format. However, interested people should not just buy any sofa here. Rather, it is more important that the sofa also fits in the room. Therefore, here too, the dimensions of the room are taken into account in the purchase decision.

New things trimmed to old: furniture and deco in vintage style

Vintage is currently a trend that is not only applicable to clothing, but also in the field of fashion Interior reflects again. These are furniture and decorative elements that are new but trimmed to old. As a result, they exude a very own atmosphere and provide a lot of cosiness in the living room. They often remind of antiques, which are not. Vintage furniture and decoration can be found in many furniture stores and decorative shops. There are certainly storage elements such as cabinets or boxes. Even tables and chairs in vintage style are currently very much in vogue.

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