Curtains in the living room

Curtains in the living room

Window decoration is very important in every room of your home. First and foremost it is used for decoration, so that curtains and curtains should always be chosen to match the wall color, the interior design style and the design of other textiles in the room. In addition, they also fulfill practical tasks, as they serve as light protection, privacy, thermal insulation and glare protection. There are different aspects in every room that you should pay attention to when choosing curtains and curtains.

In the bedroom, for example, an opaque curtain or a Roman shade is the right choice, while in the nursery there are curtains with child-friendly patterns. In the bathroom, nothing works without adequate privacy, for example through roller blinds, while window coverings are often used in the kitchen. But what should you pay attention to if you want to furnish the living room as the most important room in your apartment with curtains? That's what we tell you today!

Floor-to-ceiling curtains are particularly popular in the living room

In your living room, you do not have to put as much emphasis on privacy and privacy as in the bedroom. However, it is certainly important to you that through the windows nobody from outside can look inside to observe you and your family. Therefore, transparent or semi-transparent curtains are in high demand. They help you filter the incoming light and dose it to a comfortable level. In particular, floor to ceiling window decorations, such as a slat or sliding curtain are in fashion.

High demands on curtains in multifunctional living rooms

If you want to use your living room multifunctional and, for example, integrate a workplace or a sleeping area, the requirements for living room curtains are of course something higher. An additional darkening is as necessary in this case as a glare protection. Protective functions can be implemented in a very simple and decorative way by choosing a panel curtain. If required, it can be equipped with darkening and opaque materials and can be used as desired.

Exterior shutters allow free design of curtains and curtains

Do you already have exterior shutters on your living room windows? All the better, because then you do not need any additional blackout fabrics. If you are in the mood for privacy or sun protection, you can simply lower your shutters. Therefore, you have the opportunity to dispense even completely on living room curtains. Alternatively, airy decorations are possible, so you can opt for, for example, deco scarves or loop scarves. In addition, you have the opportunity to decorate your windows with window pictures or plants. The advantage of an open window design is always the fact that you can always enjoy an unrestricted view of your garden.

The modern alternative to the curtain: Plissees

Modern pleats come into question, if you do not mind scarfs with loops Make curtains or lace curtains. With the living ideas for the window design such blinds are absolutely in vogue. They beautify your windows while providing effective privacy, so you can avoid the prying eyes of your neighbors. In addition to their practical function, pleats also have an appealing look and make any room look nicer.

Roller blinds are generally a very practical solution for small windows because they fit exactly to the window shape and do not hide decorative elements next to the window.

Blinds and pleats can be practically folded during the day, making them look very elegant and stylish. Offers for such a window decoration are very many, with different prices are served. For the search for pleats you should plan a little more time due to the large selection, as the retailers sell, for example, plain or patterned models. If you love the extravagant, then opt for wooden blinds. That too is no problem!

Which colors are the trend for living room curtains?

You are free to choose the color of your curtains. Anything you like and is suitable for your interior design, furniture, lamps and other home textiles is allowed. In particular, the following colors are enjoying great popularity with curtains in the living room in many households:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Gray
  • Purple
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Yellow

In addition, curtains with colorful patterns, colored ribbons or embroidery are more in demand than ever. In particular, the variants are popular, which manage without a tip. Lace curtains are seldom seen today, for example in a country-style dining room.

If you care about attracting attention to the living room windows, you should choose curtains in bright colors. In addition, you decide best for a striking pattern such as the stripe pattern. Such curtains go well with a modern and elegant interior design.

For a romantic ambience, choose slightly transparent curtains in neutral shades of color such as white, cream, beige or even pastel colors. Such window decorations have a dainty effect and thus provide a particularly romantic look. To ensure that you can still enjoy enough privacy in your living room, you have the opportunity to combine transparent fabrics with opaque curtains. This creates a great contrast that will certainly draw your attention to your windows.

What To Look For When Buying Living Room Curtains

If you want to buy new curtains, you should first take the exact measure of your windows. A ready-made curtain is only available in certain widths and lengths, so you need to check carefully whether the curtain also fits your window. However, many window decorations such as Roman blinds, blinds and eye scarves are tailored to your needs.

You can also choose the most beautiful fabrics and tailor modern curtains to suit your needs. In general, you should absolutely make sure that you buy all accessories directly. So there is more to it than just selecting the stores. Also think about the curtain rods or the curling ribbon. Often, the dealers not only offer many collections of curtains, but also the necessary accessories.

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