Shaping the kitchen according to the guidelines of Feng Shui

Shaping the kitchen according to the guidelines of Feng Shui

In the Kitchen Meet your family and talk about the past day, cook delicious menus, bake sweet cakes and hold parties with your loved ones. If you follow the guidelines of Feng Shui when designing and setting up your kitchen, you will create a balanced atmosphere that will automatically spread a good mood while cooking and enjoying.

Feng Shui in the kitchen - these four aspects are important

To craft your kitchen after Feng Shui, you should take the following tips to heart:

  1. Support the theme & nbsp; Food & ldquo; with suitable materials
  2. Choose your dining table and dining chairs to promote communication
  3. Find the right arrangement of all the pieces of furniture to cook relaxed
  4. With the right colors you can create a welcoming atmosphere

If you design your kitchen equipment according to these four principles, you can make the most of the benefits of Feng Shui in your kitchen. This ensures that the chi can flow unhindered and you feel completely comfortable in your kitchen.

The topic & nbsp; Food & ldquo; emphasize with the right materials

In Feng Shui, the kitchen is the space of transformation, where you turn raw food into cooked food. This theme can be optimally supported with natural materials: for example, use granite or stone worktops. Even with accessories or wooden chopping boards and a green herb garden, you can bring natural materials into your kitchen.

Avoid attaching knives to a wall-mounted knife bar. According to Feng Shui, they belong in a drawer or in a knife block.

In general, you should prefer closed cabinets to open shelves.

Choosing the Right Dining Table and Chairs Promotes Communication

Corners and edges are what Feng teaches Shui does not make sense to achieve a communicative atmosphere. Therefore, when choosing a dining table and chairs, avoid corners as much as possible, for example by buying a round or oval table.

Even tables with rounded corners are suitable according to the teachings of Feng Shui to strengthen the communication at the dining table.

Modern rocking chairs without pointed corners are a comfortable seating for the kitchen and correspond Feng Shui.

For proper cooking, the right arrangement is important

When setting up your kitchen, make sure that you do not turn your back to the door when cooking. Sinks, refrigerators, and dishwashers should also not be placed next to the stove because, according to Feng Shui, this creates a conflict between the elements & quot; water & ldquo; and & quot; fire & quot; which promotes tensions.

A welcoming atmosphere is created by proper colors

According to Feng Shui, colors such as cream and white are well suited to the kitchen. You can use colored accents sparingly with red or green. As colorful highlights in the kitchen are for example tea towels, the coffee machine and the kettle in question. They should, however, all be uniform in color to convey order and functionality.


Natural materials such as wood, green herbs or stone worktops support the theme of & quot; food & ldquo; in the kitchen. On the other hand, knives should disappear in drawers. With a round table and upholstered cantilever chairs without pointed corners and edges, harmonious cooperation can be promoted.

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