Development costs and development contributions in house building

Development costs and development contributions in house building

A home is the dream of many people. But some people only think of construction or land prices. But beware: If you want to build a house, you also have to expect development costs.

These are development costs

These costs are also often called house connection costs. Behind this are the investments that have to be made to connect the house to the public grid. The development costs are borne by the municipal authority and an investment is made to the house builder. So he can pay for the following items:

  • Connection to the power network
  • Connection to water and sewage network
  • Connection to the public transport network
  • Connection to cable and telephone network
  • Connection to the gas supply

The Connection to the mains is essential, because without electricity, hardly anyone can imagine living today. Here, the costs depend mainly on the length of the lines and can be above the average at a large distance to the main distributor. Although a photovoltaic system helps to save electricity costs in the long term, it does not reduce the development costs.

Water and sewage connections are also essential and depend on the distance of the next connection point. The application is made at the local water board. In the countryside there is the possibility of a large waste water tank, which is pumped out regularly. But whether these expenditures pay off against the development costs, should be calculated well.

Among the costs for the development to the public transport network are to be seen above all the investments, which with the road construction, Geh- and Radwegbau as well as the connection to Lighting, playgrounds and noise control measures are connected. Each property needs its own access to the law.

Internet and telephone are behind the development costs for telecommunications. You can choose between classic landline connections or combinations with the TV cable connection. The Internet connection is essential for a smart home.

The cost of connecting to the gas supply only applies where there is a gas network and gas is required for the heating. However, if you heat and cook via district heating, electricity or other means, you do not need gas.

Normally, only the costs to the property are included in the development costs, but not those within the property. These are in the private sphere of the developer.

Variable level of development costs

The level of development costs varies from municipality to municipality. Basically, they are in & Sect; & sect; 127 ff of the BauGB regulated. The municipality may pass on up to 90 percent of the costs to the resident (§ 129 para. 1 p. 3 BauGB). The development contribution is a one-off benefit.

You can count on:

  • 2000 to 3000 euros for connection to the power grid
  • 2000 to 5000 euros for connection to the water network
  • 5000 to 15000 euros for the connection to the public transport network
  • about 1000 euros for the cable and telephone network connection and
  • about 1000 euros for the gas connection

Depending on the municipality, however, a different distribution key can apply, this changes the costs considerably. Also, the size and location of the property are variables that are included in the bill. Likewise, the degree of development is taken into account. Those who build stronger, must expect higher development costs.

When buying land, there are also development-free land. Who wants to recognize this, after the abbreviation & ebb; & ldquo; search. Lands with the abbreviation & quot; ebp & ldquo; must be developed and paid.

Due date

In many cases, development costs are only to be planned when buying a piece of land. If you buy a house, you usually have a completely developed property with you - but here too there are exceptions, for example if the road construction is not yet completely completed. Here, neighbors and the Building Authority should be asked if the contributions have already been collected.

The municipality has four years to claim contributions once the full development work has been completed. The notification goes to the owner or leaseholder registered in the land register. The contribution may only be claimed once.

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