Dining tables: The family's central meeting place

Dining tables: The family's central meeting place

The dining table has always been the central meeting place in the house. Hundreds of years ago, all residents of a castle gathered at the table to dine together. To this day, this tradition has been preserved. Admittedly, many people eat out of time because of lack of time, in the evening, the family members sit still at the table. Accordingly, the dining table is no longer exclusively an object to eat on, people talk and play board games together.

Site Selection

Before you buy a dining table, you must first determine where it will be later , Traditionally, it stands in the dining hall, in the kitchen or in the living room. Generous home kitchens have been hugely popular for years - they provide the ideal space for a large dining table where not only family members but friends and neighbors have plenty of space. A dining table is usually bought matching with chairs as the Complete Set . Individualists like to combine and choose, for example, a table made of solid wood and chairs made of transparent acrylic - creativity knows no bounds.

10 Tips for Buying a Dining Table

When buying a dining table, consumers like to spend a little more on it until the next renovation easily does its job. Here are some tips to help you make a purchase:

  1. Guests : Are neighbors and friends regular participants in the board? In this case, a pull-out table is the best solution.
  2. Place : How much is available? If he is to go to a separate dining room, one can confidently opt for a larger model. Folding tables are suitable for confined spaces, while a round table is already available in the already furnished rooms.
  3. Material : Wooden tables are ideal for cool rooms; they provide warmth and cosiness with their contrast. Dining tables made of metal, plastic and glass do the opposite and are only recommended in warm rooms.
  4. Stand : What good is the dining table if it looks good but is not right? In case of emergency you can help with cork slices under the table legs and provide stability.
  5. Care : You must maintain untreated wood regularly with special wood preservatives. The maintenance of dining tables made of metal and plastic is uncomplicated.
  6. Round : Round tables promote communication because there is no end to the table and nobody has to sit alone. Therefore, this table is suitable for people who frequently visit.
  7. Rectangular : Rectangular tables are suitable for smaller rooms because they can make better use of corners and room niches.
  8. Oval : A compromise between rounds and rectangular tables that can only be found in a few households. Not only is it a real eye-catcher, everyone has a place here.
  9. Chairs : The chairs should definitely fit the table. Not only is the look important, but the seat height is also crucial - this is just a matter of trial seating.
  10. Deco : No matter what kind of table you own, it's the right deco that creates a nice atmosphere. A good decoration is relatively simple - beautiful napkins, color-coordinated placemats and a few small decorative elements work wonders.

Another tip : Make sure that the chairs are not too close to the wall in a confined space , On the one hand it is so easy to damage the wall with the chair, on the other hand it makes it difficult to sit up and stand up.

For small rooms

Lack of space is always a problem, but there is a solution for all difficulties. In this case it is called: folding table , With a few simple steps, a folding table can be extended so that you can dine comfortably here. For small kitchens are dining tables that can be installed on a wall. If they are not needed for food, they serve as a worktop. Depending on your needs, you can fold them up and down so that they are not in the way.

Also practical : Tables with dual function . This could be suitable for example for a dining and study. It is important that all office supplies and other small items can disappear behind cabinets or in storage boxes.

Wood or concrete?

Wood is a renewable raw material that is preferred for dining tables. Dining tables made of solid wood or solid wood are expensive, but they can convince with their unique appearance and positively influence the room climate. In addition, wood is a natural product with grains, each dining table is therefore unique. For the sake of the environment, one should make sure when purchasing that the wood comes from a sustainably managed timber industry. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal guarantees that wood products are not from illegal logging. Another indication is the PEFC label (Programs for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), which is backed by an environmental organization.

Somewhat more unusual are concrete dining tables , which have been in fashion for quite some time. These are by no means cold, gray tables. Concrete is combined with other materials such as wood, making it anything but cool.

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