Comforters and Bedding - Tips to Choose

For the right sleeping comfort, there are many individual factors that do not necessarily have to do with the bed itself. For example, when designing the bedroom, a proper yet flexible layout plays a role in creating a clear separation between working or living space and dissipating bad thoughts. Modern facilities work intensively with color schemes and lighting conditions that are never perceived as disturbing and unpleasant. According to independent studies, the duvet also plays an enormous role, for example, it regulates the thermoregulation during sleep and relaxes the muscles, in order to be able to supply the body with sufficient new energy.

In this article you will find all the essential information on the topic and one An overview of how you can choose the right product.

Size and Texture

  • Basically, the size of the duvet must be sufficient to completely close the body. Take your height and add 20 to 25 centimeters to get the optimal length. Constant reorientation ensures restlessness during sleep, exposed feet can bring cold and can lead to colds. If you buy a partner blanket, you should know and compare the thermal properties of your previous blankets - as women and men have proven to have different thermal requirements.
  • A down comforter is one of the highest quality products in this range, as it can easily be clinging to the body and back vary to suit every season. High-quality downs therefore promise high heat regulation at the same filling weight, which is expressed by the concept of filling power.
  • Use the four heat classes to orient yourself in order to introduce different models and variants. The thermal class 3, for example, is intended for the winter half-year, is usually offered with a cassette quilting of 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters and is therefore suitable for the whole year, as it offers a good mix of heat and air circulation. For very sensitive people, the thermal class 2 is suitable for the summer half-year, as this blanket manages without webs and thus even grown to higher temperatures.
  • Make sure also with the shell, that it was made of a supple fabric to ideal properties brought along. As a rule, material for the cover of down comforters is cotton fabric, which allows the quality to be assessed on the basis of the unit Nm. A so-called down-proof fabric has a value of Nm 270, is called a super-fine down batiste and comes out with a weight below 70 grams per square meter. However, in the area of ​​down comforters, something in the range from Nm 100 onwards is recommended, in order to continue to have good lying properties.

Advantages of down comforters

Down is characterized by the fact that they are very light and still have an appealing quantity can absorb moisture. As already mentioned above, the quality of the down and the mixing ratio decide on the properties of the duvet, also in terms of elasticity. Thus, in down comforters, the total weight remains basically the same with identical volume, also can be attached by means of quilting or the mixing ratio, an ideal heat regulation. Compared to synthetic fiber blankets, it should be emphasized that statically rechargeable cheap fibers are increasingly being used here, which, according to dermatologists, result in a damp sleeping environment and thus endanger the necessary rest during sleep.

In addition, the above-mentioned cassette quilting helps to effectively avoid the formation of cold spots and to store a lot of heat. Here, you should pay attention to ceilings with a so-called high bridge, because they have a gutter of up to ten centimeters and help in higher heat classes to be prepared for any winter cold.

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