Floor plan - 5 tips

Floor plan - 5 tips

Who plans a home, usually has very personal ideas about the room layout. Finally, the new home should be perfectly adapted to their own needs. Every family has different priorities and daily routines. The inner organization should orientate itself to this.

Here you should think carefully, where your own priorities are and then extensively advised by an architect, so that this early in the draft special wishes with in the room layout . Following are some critical points in the Floor Plan , which should be reconsidered.

Entrance Area

The entrance area of ​​a house already says a lot about the inhabitants and is often underestimated. He shows whether the house should look rather representative and therefore has a spacious hallway, or whether one stands as a guest right in the middle of family life. An entrance hall can shield private rooms or open to all areas of the house. Some people prefer to plan the entrance in such a way that they are right in the middle of the kitchen.

In many houses, the staircase is positioned in a spacious plank area at the same time. The space is thus an important "traffic route". of the House. In other houses, the entrance area is rather small and above all assumes the function of a cloakroom. It is also important to consider whether direct access to the garage should be planned here or whether it should be located outside the house and accessible only from the outside.

Kitchen and living room

A few decades ago there were still spacious kitchens the rule. Here the family met and the kitchen was the center of all happenings and at the same time the space in which one spent most of the day. The living room, formerly called & quot; good parlor & ldquo; however, was only open on Sundays or when visitors were expected.

In the 1960s, however, the kitchen became smaller and smaller, and the living room became the focal point. At the latest when the television came into play, the living room had finally triumphed over the kitchen as the center of the house. This trend has changed for some time now and the kitchen is receiving much more attention. Many families see the kitchen as the center of family life again, and the living rooms are converted into pure TV rooms or reading rooms where you spend only a few hours in the evening.

Here every family has to analyze their own needs and decide which room to choose for them to become the central place of the house. The organization of the floor plan should build on this decision.

Children their own empire?

Another important decision is whether the nursery rooms have a separate area or are integrated into the living area. There are numerous solutions here. If the children are a bit older, it makes sense to give them more privacy. A private bath is also recommended in this case.

For smaller children, however, easier monitoring is desirable. The children's or playrooms are ideally also easily seen from infants in the living area. There is also the option of designing the children's sleeping and playing area separately.

In the case of small children, one should already consider how easily the floor plan can be used in the future. Eventually, the kids will eventually become teenagers who claim their privacy. Even parents are often happy when they get a little more privacy as they grow older. You can plan rooms so that you can swap their use after the children have grown up. However, one should think about it at the beginning of the planning.

Bedroom and bathroom

Also for bedroom and bathroom there are various planning models. Should the bathroom be accessible from the bedroom or would you prefer to cross the hall? Is there a separate room for the clothes (dressing room) or does the bedroom need additional space for the wardrobe?

Separating the sleeping area from the living area may also make sense. You can thus create separate areas within a house. But for some others, the openness of a home is very important. In addition, one should ask oneself in which environment one would like to sleep. Many people prefer spacious bedrooms, some people like it small and cozy. Also criteria like the position of windows and doors to the bed are not to be despised. Whoever has the door in view from the bed, usually feels more comfortable. This is not only explained by feng shui rules, but also with your own

security need . Everything in the basement?

Some houses only have

basement Storage rooms and technology. Other houses have additional utility rooms, such as hobby rooms, ironing rooms or similar uses. Deciding how much the basement will be used will influence lighting design and layout. The insulation of the cellar rooms is not always necessary. Therefore, it is important to decide early on whether you need a cellar and, if so, how it should be used. For those who only use the basement for building services, a

partial basement may already be sufficient for its space requirements. Artikelbild: © Al-xVadinska / Shutterstock