Garden Tools by Florabest: How good are the products from the discount store?

Garden Tools by Florabest: How good are the products from the discount store?

Florabest is a Lidl registered trademark for professional gardener products and products made by Grizzly . According to Lidl, these are low-cost, brand-quality products that are practical, helpful and thoughtful, without sacrificing rigorous safety and quality controls.

Florabest Hedge Trimmers

Homeowners with lush gardens will probably all be one or the other Hedge around a herb snail possess, which must be trimmed regularly. Good electric hedge trimmers have no problem with this task, but also cost well over 100 euros. It gets more problematic with cheap equipment, as we already did with the safety pruner & quot; Garden Groom & ldquo; have stated. A weak engine is the typical problem of discount garden tools.

In the case of the hedge trimmer Florabest FHT 600 A1 , gardeners must first screw on the hand protection supplied. This is dangerous because some people may overlook this task and work without protection. When screwing on another problem arises: By the vibration of the hedge trimmer, the screws will relax and eventually no longer hold. Better would be a permanent protection, which does not have to be mounted.

In practice, the result of Florabest hedge trimmer is not very promising. While thin branches are cut cleanly, the gardening tool has problems with several branches, resulting in frayed and squeezed branch ends. Stronger branches are also cut unclean. Due to these "wounds & ldquo; the hedge becomes an easy prey for fungi and microbes.

Chainsaw by Florabest

Also on sale at the discount store is a electric chain saw . This tool should cut rough work such as cutting branches, cutting firewood and cutting trees without any problem. On the outside, the chain saw Florabest FKS 2200/8 looks sturdy. The plastic case is sturdy, featuring a 40 cm long sword and a Double Guard chrome chain from the American Oregon brand.

Fortunately, the cheap saw for tree trunks, coarse logs and branches is perfect for the fireplace. Thanks to the adjustable oil supply, the saw can even be trimmed to different loads and types of wood. Comparable products rarely provide this feature. The oil tank itself also has a point of criticism. The closure is not processed well and is leaking. As soon as the saw is tilted to the side, oil runs from the tank into the machine.

In total, the Florabest chainsaw is suitable for small firewood or pruning work. However, due to the short switching path of the on / off switch, it is no fun for longer work.

Petrol lawn mower FBM 550 A1 from Florabest

Another product of the Florabest range is the petrol lawn mower FBM 550 A1 . Equipped with a four-stroke engine, the garden tools should be able to process lawns with up to 1,200 square meters. Hobby gardeners can operate the 2.5 hp engine on request with Bio-Sprit E10. Thanks to a 65-liter catcher and 46-centimeter cutting width, lawn mowing should progress swiftly.

A automatic engine shut-off , which is activated via an integrated safety bar, is part of the equipment. In addition, the petrol lawn mower has a nimble blade stop, which reduces the risk of injury. The problem is, however, the cutting blade. It seems to be of low quality and bended in the test as the lawnmower drove over a small grassy hill


In addition to Florabest's typical gardening tools, the brand also offers less problematic products, including rain boots, barbecues, cold frames and other things that can not be immediately curtailed due to inferior quality. We can recommend exactly these products at this point. On the other hand, we advise against cheap electric or petrol-powered garden tools because their quality is usually reflected in the price.

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