Germans pay for their real estate

When paying off the real estate, there are within Germany's big differences: On average, it takes 26 years for a household to pay off its condominium. However, it can take considerably longer, especially in the large cities of Germany.

341 years in Berlin and 7 years in Prignitz in Brandenburg

More and more people are fulfilling their dream of owning their own four walls in the form of a condominium. A family with two children and a median income needs about 25.8 years on average to pay off the loan for a 110 square meter apartment. This emerges from a recent study by Postbank. However, these averages are far from being valid in all German regions. Especially in the big cities it often takes much longer to pay off the real estate, as the study showed. For this survey, Postbank examined real estate prices in 402 districts and independent cities in Germany and calculated the average prices for apartments with a size of 110 square meters.

The following list shows how long the same family would need to pay for a 110 square meter apartment, if she lived in a big city:

  • Berlin: 341 years
  • Hamburg: 144 years
  • Landkreis Vorpommern-Rügen: 107,1 years
  • Leipzig: 63, 7 years
  • Dusseldorf: 56.4 Years
  • Cologne: 48 years
  • Erfurt: 32.8 years

Dortmund, on the other hand, is the largest city in the Ruhrgebiet, even below average: after only 25.1 years, the family would have paid off their condominium in this city

Munich was not included in the list at all, because under the given conditions an average earner would have no chance to ever pay the apartment.

The distance between the cheap and the expensive areas l It is very big. In Altmarkkreis Salzwedel, for example, the family can live without debt even after 6.1 years, while in Prignitz in Brandenburg it takes 6.9 years to repay the loan. The Kyffhäuserkreis in Thuringia counts with 7.1 years to the areas where the property is quickly paid off. However, this only applies to regions that do not have a strong economy and are not attractive residential areas.

In Munich, the 110 square meter apartment is the most expensive

For a 110 square meter apartment, the family of four in Munich would have a total from an average of 647,863 euros. This results in a square meter price of 5890 euros. For such a sum one can already buy a small house in other areas of Germany. In Berlin, the family would have to pay 364,384 euros for the apartment and 432,623 euros in Hamburg. But there is also good news: in 305 counties, the eradication process takes less than 30 years. Most real estate owners can therefore retire without debt.

Sometimes it makes sense to dodge the surrounding coveted cities. If the family in Berlin would have to pay € 1518 a month for the loan, the monthly rate in the neighboring district of Märkisch-Oderland would amount to only € 554. In Potsdam, the purchase price of the flat would be € 346,120, so that it would take about 71 years

Housing prices rise

Over the past five years, condominium prices have risen by almost a third on average. Especially in the cities where more than 100,000 inhabitants live, the price per square meter has increased by 32 percent. The car cities of Ingolstadt (67.8 percent) and Wolfsburg (69.4 percent), for example, recorded a high increase. But prices also increased significantly in Hamburg (44.5 percent) and Berlin (55.2 percent).

Optimistic assumptions falsify results

In general, caution should be exercised with regard to the results of the Postbank study. The framework conditions for the financing of the property are quite optimistic:

The family must bring 20 percent equity and thereby cover the ancillary costs

  • The interest rate remains permanently fixed at 2.5 percent
  • Up to 40 percent of the net family income is for Repayment of the loan used
  • Of course, if interest rates go up or the family can not afford that much monthly salary for repayment, paying them off will be many times longer. In fact, only very few families are able to spend 40 percent of their income on eradication.


In Germany, more and more people are fulfilling the dream of having a condominium, but there are regional differences in the purchase prices of the condominium Property. Therefore, there is also a large gap in the repayment times. Although an average of 26 years pass before a family of four has paid for a 110-square-meter apartment, it can take 341 years in Berlin, for example, while the same family in Prignitz would only need about 7 years.

Artikelbild: © Rudy Balasko / Shutterstock