House inherited: What happens to the old furniture?

The inheritance of a house is always an interesting affair for the survivor. You never really know what to expect inside the house. What happens to the old furniture that was left behind in an inherited house?

Basically, it must first be checked whether the inventory belongs to the inheritance at all. After & sect; 2164 para. 1 BGB, only the accessories are inherited, which is present at the time of the succession. What exactly is to be called accessory is under & sect; 97 BGB. Accessories can therefore be the kitchen, an alarm system and coal stocks. However, furniture does not count as it does not regard the concept of traffic as an accessory. The furnishing items are only inherited if the testator expressly mentions them in his will.

Preparing and selling old furniture

Not all the seemingly old pieces of furniture are just scrap metal that nobody needs anymore. In many cases, there are real rarities in old houses, which a layman, however, can not easily recognize. Basically, it is advisable to first create an inventory of all old furniture. Furniture that is in acceptable condition should be photographed. The photo will later be used to sell the furniture on the auction platform for rarities and antiques auctionata.

A layman, of course, can not know if the furniture is actually rarities. Fortunately, he can appreciate antique furniture - easy and uncomplicated directly on the Internet. The experienced experts of the platform appreciate the first five objects completely free of charge. After you have received an estimate, you can decide whether it makes sense to restore the furniture or if it is sufficient to simply polish it up a bit. Both can increase the price of the furniture many times over.

Restoring old furniture for sale

Beautiful vintage furniture is in great demand in Germany and all over the world. The furniture is so popular that many companies duplicate vintage furniture. Real collectors, however, are looking for real vintage furniture from the 1920s to the 1970s, which is exactly what you might want to sell. Specialists restore and sell these classics. With a little skill, you can restore and sell the heritage-made vintage furniture yourself.

When restoring, do-it-yourselfers need to know that many shoppers in search of vintage furniture prefer the original look. This contains small impurities such as scratches and other signs of use. When restoring you should be careful not to eliminate all the quirks, as this make up the charm of the piece of furniture.

Basically, you can give the furniture a completely new look when restoring. However, this would only be advisable if you use the furniture yourself and do not want to sell it. As mentioned earlier, buyers are looking for furniture that looks old-fashioned - including signs of wear.

To restore old furniture, follow these three steps:

  1. Remove unnecessary signs of use: remove paint, glue and old paint with sandpaper 240 or 180 grit. Before a new varnish can be applied to the surface, all old layers must be removed. When using the sanding paper, always work in the direction of the wood fiber. For round shapes and carvings you should switch to steel wool.
  2. Painting: If the surface is roughened, you can apply shellac with a broad brush. This natural raw material is often used to restore old furniture but also for shiny foods.
  3. Polishing: If you do not want to use a professional restorer wax, use the simple floor wax. After the shellac has dried, the wax is applied with a soft cloth and polished. The piece of furniture gets a nice shine and is sealed at the same time. As a result, it is optimally protected against moisture and dirt.

After the restoration, you only have to sell the furniture on the auction platform and hope that the work has paid off.

How such an auction works can be accessed on 11 August 2014 at 18:00 CET. On this day, the next officially registered public furniture auction takes place. The objects to be sold including prices are already visible on the website. So interested people can get an overview of what the antiques cost and how much they can expect for their own furniture. The auction will be broadcast live by auctionata on August 11th - anyone interested can bid or just view the auction to get an idea of ​​the procedure.

Artikelbild: © Yen Hung / Shutterstock