House Sale: You Should Be Mindful Of It!

House Sale: You Should Be Mindful Of It!

There are many reasons to sell your own home. Maybe you have inherited a house from the deceased grandma, a marriage ended and you want to divide the shared house or you own a property that was used as a financial investment and now wants to convert it into cash. Whatever the reason for the sale, one thing is for sure: The home sale needs to be well thought out and executed correctly to get the maximum possible profit.

Prior to the sale, increase the market value with simple measures

Home sales owners should consider how they can increase the value of their property with minimal measures. Many people are of the opinion that the time and financial investment is not worthwhile. A big mistake - there are many ways to increase the value of the property with relatively little effort.

According to Petra Uertz, the managing director of the association Wohneigentum in Bonn, the garden is in the truest sense of the word the calling card of a house. A look is enough for potential buyers to draw conclusions about the rest of the property. Unnoticed are understandably unkempt gardens but also concreted land, which offer a loveless sight. An unkempt garden can even worsen the value of a property. But those who invest money in the beautification of their green oasis will end up with far more money than they had to spend.

According to experts, the pain threshold of such an investment is around 20,000 euros - more is not worth it. Away from the garden, real estate owners can also upgrade other parts of their home. However, they should know that the kitchen and the sanitary area are taboo - here the buyers always want to intervene and implement their wishes. This is also illustrated by a survey conducted by the Bonn Association of Residential Property on Housing Wishes in Old Age: 90 percent of those surveyed want to stay in their own four walls for as long as possible. Anyone who buys a house today wants to make the living area, especially the sanitary facilities, barrier-free in order to find their way around even in old age.

Home sellers should learn how to properly present their property for sale. For the first impression, of course, the front garden and the driveway, which should be maintained accordingly. Afterwards, the sightseeing tour should take place in such a way that the owner picks up the highlights for the end. Those who ignite their powder too soon will not succeed in overturning a potential buyer.

If you want to sell a property whose sumptuous garden is the main selling point, plan the sales season when the green oasis is at its best - so in spring or summer.

Decoy Quotes: Beware of House Searches

& nbsp; Solvents Doctors couple is looking for a beautiful property ... & ldquo; - this is how many newspaper advertisements begin whose basic statements say something different from what the reader - in this case the salesman - expects. Not infrequently, these are deliberately placed locks.

In recent years, real estate experts have had to make the unpleasant experience that these advertisements are not always meant to give the impression. Behind them are brokers who have no interest in buying. They usually arrange a viewing, shoot even photos - for the alleged interested of course - and indicate to prepare the sale. In reality, the photos end up in the known real estate portals on the Internet. The actual seller does not even know that his property is on the internet.

The consequences of such an ad are often fatal: The property, if it is offered for a long time, to the storekeeper. This reduces their purchase price and in the worst case, it can not be sold at all or only at a very unfavorable price.

House sellers can protect themselves against such dubious measures by using the services of trustworthy real estate agents such as talocasa. The team of the company professionally assesses the property and then helps to sell it at the best possible price.

A Question of Price

The price of most real estate sales is what makes the difference. Home sellers, especially laymen, can hardly assess the value of their own four walls. In most cases, the value set by them far exceeds what their house is worth. The problem starts with the current housing boom: More and more people are moving to the city and looking for a new home. Home sellers assume that properties are searched everywhere and that justifies a high price.

A big fallacy, because the price of a property is based on criteria such as:

  • Location
  • Connection
  • Property area
  • Condition of the house

The general price trends in Germany do not influence the price of your own property.

Renate Koppenhöfer, expert at the Association of Private Builders (VPB), knows the mentioned problem only too well. As she comments in an article by, the VPB announces more and more homeowners who want to have their property rated for sale. She has found that the pricing of the seller are unrealistic. They want partly the same money that would be required for a new building. They often sell houses from the 1960s and 1970s, which do not meet today's quality and energy standards, without being extensively rehabilitated.

Real Estate Marketing: Strategies for the sale of property

Considering the information learned, Now, sellers can begin to develop their own home sales strategy. The following points should be noted:

  1. The first impression : A familiar saying indicates that the first impression counts. This also applies to the sale of real estate. Many people fall in love with a house at first glance - offline or online. Sellers need to make sure they raise buying interest. For an advertisement you should therefore place on the following points:
    • attractive, meaningful images
    • comprehensive key data on the house
    • important data on equipment & location
  2. Exposé for buying interest : With an interesting display will be certainly the first interested parties. Many do not want to visit the property yet. Instead, they would like further information to compare the property with other properties. In this case too, it is important to be able to provide this further information. According to, the following points are included in an exposé:
    • Living space & number of rooms
    • Renovation & renovation standard
    • Floor plan
    • Comprehensive photos
    • Copy of energy pass
    • Monthly additional costs
    • Appointment
  3. Planning an Appointment : Anyone who has secured a viewing appointment must now bring the sale home. It is important to give the prospective customers as much time as possible to look at the property. Anyone who is open to the visit and reveals a lot of information increases their chances of real estate sales. Sellers should also be prepared for every question. Furthermore, they should also have the following documents ready:
    • latest land register excerpt
    • annual statements for each supplier
    • basic tax assessment

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