How to Find the Right Bedding for Kids

For every human being, enough sleep is the be-all and end-all Start the day and stay healthy in the long run, when we sleep soundly at night. Of course this applies especially to children. They sleep a lot more because they gather many new impressions during the day, which they have to digest during the night. But even among toddlers is often a typical phenomenon from which only a few parents are spared: children just do not like to go to bed. Although they are already tired and almost fall asleep sitting down, they strictly refuse to get ready for bed and go to sleep. Too big is the fear that they might miss something important.

Choosing the right bedding will make sure that your kids enjoy going to bed in the future. We'll tell you now what aspects you should look out for when buying children's bedding, so that your child can really make themselves comfortable in his bed. Then it will go to bed all by itself and sleep well in the morning and start the day full of energy!

The right materials make for cuddly dreams

Children should feel safe in their bed. For this reason, the following things are absolute no-gos for children's bedding:

  • Covers with a stiff color print
  • Scratchy fabrics
  • Smooth, cool materials

Generally, the bed linen for children: The cosier, the better , A cozy, warm blanket ensures that children like to cuddle up to their bed, especially in the cold season. Mostly high-quality children's bedding is therefore made of beaver or microfiber. Both materials feel comfortable on the skin and warm quickly, so that falling asleep by itself works.

Children's bedding must be sweat-absorbent and breathable. Otherwise, children may over-cool if they sweat while sleeping.

Zippered duvet covers are ideal. So your child can change the bed linen very early, without losing the desire to button. In addition, there is a risk especially in infants that the buttons are swallowed. Therefore always prefer children's bed linen with zippers for small children. But it is important that the zippers are attached so that they can neither hang out nor fall off. Also check that the seams are well sewn before you buy the sheets. Otherwise, the seams could scratch, which your child will certainly find unpleasant.

Opt for a material that can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, without the cover suffers after a short time. Only then is a hygienic cleaning possible. The colors should be washfast, because it would be annoying, after all, if the beautiful pattern that your child has selected has already faded after a few washes.

Your child may also take part in the pattern selection.

Even toddlers take their environment consciously true and rejoice over colorful colors, shapes and patterns. Therefore, when buying bed linen, make sure that it is color-matched to children's needs. Cute designs with baby animals, simple patterns or warm colors are particularly popular with toddlers.

Older kids will love the bedding to match their favorite movie, favorite series or favorite star. Therefore, include your child in the choice of bed linen no later than at school age.

Dark and cold colors are not suitable for children's bedding. You can confuse the children and even delay falling asleep because they are anything but cozy. In addition, some children perceive too strong colors as unpleasant. Therefore, choose rather subtle pastel shades.

Prevent harmful organic bed linen

Also, you should pay attention to brightly colored children's bedding or photo bed linen: pollutants are not uncommon in such variations.

To avoid buying child bedding that contains formaldehyde or other harmful ingredients You can select bio-bedding tested for harmful substances. It is guaranteed to be free of chemical ingredients that often increase the risk of cancer and allergies.

So you make an important contribution to the health of your child.

Conclusion: Eyes on the baby bedding purchase

Hardly one Child likes to go to bed or voluntarily. Bedtime can be a real ordeal, however, if the bed linen scares the children because of their colors or simply causes a scratchy feeling on the whole body. In this case, new bedding has to be made. If you decide on a cuddly model in friendly colors, which is also tested for harmful substances, you can not go wrong in any case. In the future, your children will be pleased to be able to lie down in their cuddly bed and close their eyes, which will make them start the day happier and more balanced the next morning.


When children are not evenings like to go to bed, this may be due to the wrong bedding, because strong or too dark colors make many children scared and even a scratchy reference does not contribute to children voluntarily go to sleep. When buying should therefore be paid to a high-quality, cuddly material such as microfiber or beaver and a warm, pleasant color. It is also important that the bed linen for children is free of harmful pollutants and contains no small parts such as buttons.

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