When it's uncomfortable outside: set up a reading corner

When it's uncomfortable outside: set up a reading corner

Summer is coming to an end sometime each year and the dark season is just around the corner. Against the possible emerging desolation on gray and wet evening, it helps to set up a cozy reading area. But there are some aspects to consider.

The Right Place

The reading corner can theoretically be created in any room in the home. The most important aspect is that in this place the inhabitant can come to rest. If you want to read, you have to be able to concentrate. A walk-through room through which the family has to walk regularly is rather inappropriate. Large living room? Then with a screen or high shelf a small area can be delimited for reading. Outstanding is also a place at the window: Not frontally but laterally aligned to the outside world, otherwise ugly shadow would fall on the pages.

Who prefers to use an e-book instead of books, should also pay attention to the selection of the place that there is a power outlet nearby.

The Right Fit

It does not sound comfortable on a hard wooden chair. The right seating is what matters. One prefers a reading chair, which provides cozy support with its backrest. However, a stool should be added so that the bookworm can also put their feet up. A rocking chair is the right seat for its lover. Others prefer a small sofa in their reading corner. Also bean bags are a cozy alternative. These can be perfectly combined on the floor to other accessories (see fireplace). Usually a bag is cheaper to buy than a chair. A seat cushion can also invite you comfortably. This is where memories of the days of childhood are awakened, where you spent hours lying on the floor and reading books.

The most important criterion for sitting in the reading corner is the long-lasting patience. If you have back problems, you should always choose a variant with a backrest. Because the alternatives on the floor are not the best here.

The reading lamp

The right light is just as important in the reading corner as the right book. Although candles usually provide a cozy atmosphere, for some they are simply too dark. Therefore, always put a lamp on. A floor lamp is particularly suitable. It offers the possibility to choose the light intensity and usually also has a small reading lamp integrated. A lamp stand can visually adapt very well to the device of the reading corner. Here, however, the umbrella and stand should be able to be flexibly aligned.

A small bedside lamp can also provide enough light, but that usually comes from too low a height. If you can not set up a large lamp, you can also attach the light source directly to the book. There are small battery-powered lamps that can be attached directly to the notebook with a clip. So the light falls right where it's needed - on the letters.

The drum around

Once the place, the seat and the light are chosen, the reading corner is missing only one thing: Flair: The resting place only becomes the right one Accessories cozy. Here the designer is free to design according to creativity and preferences. A reading corner could, among other things, become more comfortable with the following:

  • Bookcase
  • Side Table
  • Magazine Case
  • Cushion
  • Ceilings
  • Rug
  • Wallpaper
  • Fireplace

Every corner of the book needs a Bookshelf. Whether big and wide or narrow and small - you can choose any model that fits. Reading glasses, bookmarks and the cup of tea also want to be stored in a reading corner. Therefore, a small side table is important. Biscuits, notebooks and other books can also be found here. If you like to browse magazines, think of a bag for the copies you have read. Because nothing seems more uncomfortable than a pile of wildly jumbled newspapers. Cushions and blankets are almost a matter of course for some - especially for chilblains. With the carpet, the reading corner can be optically separated from the rest of the room.

If you choose a reading cushion or a beanbag for the floor, you do not have the cold ground right under you. There are photo wallpapers in stores that also show books or even an entire shelf. A wallpaper of this wallpaper on the wall papered, can spread a special flair. Finally, a thought of a fireplace should be used. This brings warmth and coziness into the room. Who can not set up a wood-burning stove in the apartment should resort to alternatives with oil and ethanol. There are models in the trade that are hardly different from & quot; real & ldquo; Chimneys differ.


Reading needs silence. Those who like to devote themselves to a book in the dark season should do so in a cozy reading corner. It can be quickly set up: find a place, set up seating, provide light and decorate the atmosphere atmospherically.

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