Despite cold and frost: How to clean the windows in winter

Despite cold and frost: How to clean the windows in winter

It is one of the most unpopular activities in the household: cleaning the window! But if the glass panes are dirty, nothing else helps. Even in the cold season, rain, snow and bird droppings ensure that the view is anything but clear. Especially the latter can not wait until spring, because glass and frame can be damaged by the corrosive substances in it. However, in the winter when window cleaning something should be considered.

The right weather and the right temperatures for the winter plaster

The windows should be cleaned in the cold season only when the degrees rise above freezing during the day. At minus temperatures, experts advise not to clean the windows. Because the water is warm, but still cools down on the windows very quickly. There is a risk that it iced these up. This happens especially when it is colder than minus five degrees Celsius outside.

Many people come up with the idea of ​​using antifreeze such as alcohol to prevent freezing. But that also has disadvantages. On the one hand the chemical substances harm the environment and on the other hand the cleaning person has to wear gloves because of their aggressiveness. It is easier to wait for milder winter days.

In the cold season, the rag should also be left in the drawer when the sun is shining brightly on the windows. Because then she would let the water dry too quickly and streaks on the disc would remain. Therefore, even in winter, cloudy, but dry days are the better choice for the cleaning time.

Caution Thermal insulation: Thoroughly dry seals and Co in winter

Heat insulation windows are installed in many houses. In these specimens, the outer pane is usually colder because the heat from the inside can not escape to the outside. This should be considered especially when cleaning in winter. Therefore, the frame and the gasket are also at a much higher risk of ice being used due to a wet cleaning. In the worst case, the frame and gasket can also stick together.

In winter, it is important to dry the window, frame and gasket properly. Also, the treatment of the seal with a care milk is advisable in the cold season. In small openings for ventilation or drainage can be cleaned with a cotton swab. This does not always require water.

Materials and tools: what you need for window cleaning in winter

The experts are arguing about the amount of cleaning agents. Some people especially recommend to use a lot of water in which the slices should be soaked. The exclusive use of glass spray would in their opinion dull the discs permanently. For large windows, however, other professionals recommend again to use the window spray exclusively because they are so metered that they leave no residue after peeling. However, water in combination with a concentrated cleaning agent is also a possibility.

Therefore the material list shows:

    • Water
  • Spray cleaner (possibly)
  • Cleaning concentrate (possibly)
  • or home remedy

Home remedy for Window cleaning can also be helpful in winter. These include alcohol, vinegar, ammonia and black tea. Brewed lukewarm, the latter can replace any glass cleaner.

The tool list is also manageable.

  • Soft hand brush
  • Bucket
  • Sponge and / or cloth
  • Puller and / or chamois
  • Cotton cloth
  • Microfibre cloth

Some people rely on cloth and / or sponge. Others swear by chamois or newsprint. Even kitchen roll is not uncommon in use. A microfiber cloth can completely eliminate the need for cleaning agents when the right product is selected. Everyone has to try and decide for themselves, say experts.

However, it is important that all towels are new or free from soap scraps. Cotton towels should therefore not be washed with fabric softener. This also means that the wet materials always have to be rinsed out well, so as not to transfer the dirt from the previous pane to the next window. The dirt then acts like fine sandpaper and can damage the glass. Especially with large and tall windows is often worth the purchase of a telescopic pole. Sponge and pullers can be attached at the end.

Even in winter, windows should be cleaned from the outside to the inside. First, the frames are cleaned, then after a water change the discs. For if the frames are forgotten, the next rain or the morning dew releases its dirt and lets it run over the once-clean panes.


Even in the cold season you may not be able to do without window cleaning. Especially if the slices of bird droppings are dirty, it must be removed in a timely manner. It is important, however, that plus degrees prevail, otherwise the water freezes on the disc too fast. Even a thorough drying is particularly important in winter. A wide variety of materials and tools ensure strip freedom.

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