Increase sleeping comfort with the right bed linen

Increase sleeping comfort with the right bed linen

Bedding is a key element in the design of bedrooms, fulfilling them but a lot of functions. On the one hand she protects blankets, cushions and other things from dust and dirt, on the other she decorates the bedroom or bed more or less. However, one circumstance that is often disregarded in the selection of bedroom furnishings and decorations is the choice of bedding. It is, in combination with the construction of the cushions and blankets, responsible for the sleeping comfort. The choice can be made on the basis of objective as well as subjective standards, there are also some differences with the seasons.

In this article we clarify which points you have to observe and how to proceed step by step.

On small material science

Responsible for a high sleeping comfort are primarily the related materials, which are processed in blankets and pillows. On the one hand, they have to be light and long-lasting, on the other hand, they must not attack or irritate the skin. Especially in the summer and the transitional seasons breathability gains further importance. A fabric that can best meet these requirements is cotton. Cotton is primarily skin-friendly and has no substances that could be problematic for allergy sufferers. Moisture is transported through this fabric, which is especially important in summer. Unlike many other fabrics, cotton can also be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, which is indispensable for the thorough cleaning of bacteria.

The hard-wearing fabric, which has extremely fine fibers and shines, can be qualitatively classified in particular by the fiber length. Egyptian cotton bed linen, which is sold by suppliers such as estella, is the basis of high-quality cotton products. In further processing steps, which make those bed linen durable and smooth, one creates the conditions necessary for a high sleep comfort. The reason why satin bed linen is often used during the summer months is the cooling effect of the shallow surface. Again, Mako-Satin, also an Egyptian cotton, is the best foundation. In addition to its noble, yet soft and skin-friendly surface, Mako-Satin offers a moisture absorption of up to 80 percent of its own weight. Nocturnal transpiration is no longer a problem, as the long fibers make the sheets very tear-resistant, which combines function and design alike.

These selection steps are to be considered

High-quality bed linen is generally characterized by being extremely durable and durable hard-wearing. This requires a good interplay of material and workmanship, which is recognized above all by the structure of the feel. Seams and zippers must be drawn and flowing smoothly, otherwise the pillow or blanket threatens to lose its elasticity. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the product characteristics, especially with entire bed sets.

  • As already mentioned above, there are a number of quality differences with satin bed linen. The highest quality embossing, Egyptian cotton sheets, is in demand because of its dryer-resistant properties. From this, a smooth, skin-friendly and supple surface can be derived. It should also look at the & bdquo; super combed & quot; for the fiber texture and & quot; Nm 100/1 & ldquo; for which the weight of the material is respected. 100 meters of yarn are therefore equivalent to just one gram of weight.
  • Products made of easy-care mako-interlock jersey have proved their worth in pillow cases. They have an extremely high mesh density and are, in addition to the dryer-resistant property, non-iron and therefore long-lasting. Here should be set to models in universal cut, which provide depending on the season with a different reference coloring for mood and shape in the bedroom
  • Responsible for the high skin compatibility, especially for allergy sufferers, is also the pollution-free production of bed linen. In Germany, the certificate & quot; Textile trust & ldquo; Highest recognition, since it hereby "pollutant-tested textiles according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 & ldquo; be awarded. Here, the more intensively tested, the more skin contact a product has. One applies scientifically recognized, human ecological requirements in a total of four product classes.

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