Houseplants for the Wellness Bathroom - 7 Tips for Choosing Suitable Plants

Houseplants for the Wellness Bathroom - 7 Tips for Choosing Suitable Plants

In order for your bathroom to become a wellness oasis, it is important to have the right equipment. A freestanding bathtub, a gentle rain shower and a modern vanity are among the highlights in the spa bathroom. The corresponding offers can be found in various online shops. If, despite the noble furnishings, there is no perfect feel-good mood, you should also think about small details. In addition to various decorative articles, this also includes indoor plants. But which plants are suitable for the special conditions in the bathroom? Our 7 tips will help you choose the perfect indoor plants for the bathroom.

Tip # 1: Indoor plants need to be able to cope with the light in the bathroom

Before you buy plants for the bathroom, you should check the light conditions in your bathroom , Only rarely is the bathroom flooded with light. As a rule, it only has a window that does not let much light into the room. So that your plants are happy later on and do not go away right away, it is important to choose the right types for the light conditions in the bathroom. Before you buy, find out what site requirements the plants have:

  • If a light location is preferred, the plants need enough natural light for about six hours a day. This applies, for example, to the following indoor plants:
    • Camellia
    • Ficus
    • Lemon Verbena
  • A half-shady location is when given sunlight for about three hours per day. For example:
    • Arrow Leaf
    • Kentia Palm
    • Aechmeen
  • Few indoor plants can live in less than three hours of daylight and feel comfortable in a shady spot. For example, if you have low levels of light in the bathroom, you should choose one of the following plants:
    • Green Lily
    • Shoemaker Palm
    • Nest Fern

For bathroom without windows, living houseplants are not suitable at all. In this case, it is better to use artificial flowers.

Tip 2: Plants should match the climate in the bathroom

The climate must also meet the requirements of indoor plants so that they thrive. Experience has shown that the temperature in the bath is a bit higher several times a day. There are also frequent variations in temperature due to heating and subsequent ventilation. In addition, the humidity in the bathroom is especially high when you shower and bathe. Tropical plants that prefer moist heat are therefore usually the best choice for the bathroom. Caution: The high humidity quickly forms mold in the flowerpot. Therefore, observe your indoor plants in the bathroom well and take appropriate countermeasures as soon as you spot mold.

Tip 3: Air Purifying Plants Are Perfect

In the bathroom, the air is often less than optimal with perfume, deodorant and hair spray , Therefore, special plants that have an air purifying effect are the ideal choice for the bathroom. They are able to filter the harmful components from the air and thus improve the quality of the air in the room. An example of such a plant is the bow hemp, which filters formaldehyde from the air, which is contained in some care products and cleaners.

Tip 4: Avoid plants with needles and spines

Attention, risk of injury: plants with spines and needles can be insidious. Especially in the bathroom, where you are not protected by clothing, such indoor plants are a no-go.

Tip 5: Consider the space

Plants should enrich the ambience, but in no way disturb. Especially in a small bathroom the houseplants should not be too big. When buying young plants, consider the later growth height. Place the plants in small bathrooms best on the windowsill, with a wall bracket directly on the wall or in a suspended beam on the ceiling. In spacious bathrooms, large plants provide a tropical atmosphere. For example, the birch fig and the coconut tree are good choices.

Tip # 6: Choose Plants That Fit Your Home Decor

It's also important that the plants match the style of decorating your bathroom. For example, an elegant orchid will fit in a modern, purist bathroom, while the country house bathroom will be enriched with cheerful flowering plants. Exotic baths make a big difference with a palm tree.

Tip 7: Fragrant plants bring a pleasant smell to the bathroom

Many people use special fragrance products from the drugstore to improve the air in the bathroom. Instead, you can just choose a fragrant houseplant that will make your room smell better. Suitable for example:

  • Jasmine
    • Light location is required
    • Chiller space for hibernation
  • Lavender
    • Requires much sun
    • Due to its size it is well suited for small baths
  • mint
    • Exhale a fresh scent
    • Get along with light
    • Need a lot of moisture

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