Information and buying advice on the flat dowel cutter

Information and buying advice on the flat dowel cutter

The Flachdübelfräse , often called Lamellofröse or Formfederfräse, is a machine with which you can mill slots for Flachdübelverbindungen. Subsequently, flat dowels made of wood can be inserted in any desired angle and thus easily connect chipboard or solid wood panels. Wood joints are used primarily in the carpentry trade, so that the Flachdübelfräse comes primarily in this area used. The device is in the possession of every joiner and carpenter, because they can not do without a dowel planer.

Areas of application

Not only carpenters and carpenters use this practical tool, but also gifted do-it-yourself furniture build yourself. Do-it-yourselfer know: If you connect chipboards together, you must make sure that the connections do not break out. Flat dowels penetrate deeply, so this problem can be prevented. Flat dowel cutters also operate at high speeds, resulting in a decidedly clean milling pattern .

The clear strength of this tool is the creation of flat dowel joints. But there is another purpose: Shadow joints and Längsnutten are also no problem. The range of applications is very large:

  • Milling
  • Blunt corner joints
  • Miter joints with angle stop
  • Longitudinal and cross connections
  • Frame and center wall connections
  • Flat and T connections

Due to the numerous Possible applications, these tools are often referred to as universal milling. In terms of material, it is also very universally applicable : Both the milling of marble gypsum and acrylic glass poses no problem.


The housing of the router has the shape of an angle grinder. In order to make work as clean as possible, they work at high speeds of more than 10,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). The result is a very fine and clean milling pattern.

To make corner joints , which are needed for example for wooden frames or kitchen worktops, the flat dowel bur is the best tool. Conventional round dowels are superfluous thanks to a flat dowel mill. Flat dowels are in contrast to the round variant oval or elliptical. They are nothing more than about four millimeters thick wooden plates that fit into milled slots. The advantage of these shapes is that they can be aligned in the slot as desired.


A useful function of a flat dowel bur is a multiple-rastered depth adjustment, which allows a gear linkage. In addition, it is advantageous if the tool can also be adjusted manually. Special sensitive attachments are available for particularly sensitive surfaces.

When it comes to power, the tool 850 watts is sufficient. The Flachdübelfräse should be height adjustable and infinitely pivotable and have a multi-function stop. Other advantageous features include an additional handle that provides a secure hold for the do-it-yourselfer, the option to adjust the depth of cut, and a lock button to change the cutter. Practical is also a special edition, in which the milling center is marked and prevents the slipping of the work surface. The angle stop should be easy to read and have a scale.

Purchasing advice

Qualitative high-quality dowel cutters are available for 200 to 400 euros from well-known manufacturers such as Bosch. For beginners and DIY enthusiasts there is a compromise: Some attachments can be operated with an angle grinder - they are of course cheaper than a Flachdübelfräse. However, if you want to produce good results and use this tool more often, you should invest accordingly. When buying a hand-held flat dowel bur, make sure that you can also use it as a shadow gap saw or shadow gap mill.

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