Instructions: Attach Wall Sticker

Instructions: Attach Wall Sticker

Wall Stickers are the most advanced and popular way to spice up boring rooms in minutes. Not everyone can afford a complete renovation, he does not have to. A wall tattoo can be attached to the desired wall in a few simple steps and can change even the most boring room from scratch. We show how the stickers come to the walls.

There are almost endless possibilities for designing walls today: classic aids are wall paints and wallpapers, but also accessories in the form of pictures and photos. For a long time, borders were regarded as the absolute bestseller among the embellishments for walls. They not only spice up every wall, but also serve as frames for windows, doors or mirrors. Borders are now replaced by a much more practical form of wall decoration. Wall tattoos , have the advantage that they are available in every conceivable shape, color and size. The interior design is thus much more individualized.

What are these wall stickers?

Wall tattoos are the modern way to modernize a room. It's nothing more than a self-adhesive film , which is glued to the wall quite easily. The stickers are similar to those known from childhood tattoos that you could stick to the body. The wall tattoos are, however, very durable and can even be detached from the wall if necessary.

In terms of creativity, there are no limits: from flowers and animals over Tribals to cheeky sayings, pretty much everything decorate your own four walls. Of course the wall stickers can also be combined with each other.

How to apply the wall sticker

The installation of a wall sticker is simple, they are finally self-adhesive. However, there is something to note beforehand:

  • The surface should be clean and dry. Wall tattoos usually adhere to just about any surface, but in the ideal case, this is smooth. Textured wallpaper or plastered walls are not a problem, but they should be new and intact.
  • Just renovated the apartment? Then please wait a bit longer with the mounting of the stickers. It takes up to three weeks for a wall to dry completely. But beware: The wall paint should not contain any silicone, latex or acrylic, as these adversely affect the adhesion.
  • Four hands are better than two. Especially with large wall tattoos, it is advisable to have a helping hand during assembly. Friends or family members will certainly be happy to help.

The instructions for installing a wall sticker :

  1. First spread the wall sticker on a flat surface and repaint with a spirit level or a large ruler.
  2. Then the carrier foil, which is slightly thicker and printed on the back, pull off flat. The process is then performed correctly when the wall sticker is completely mirrored on the transfer film. If the tattoo can not be removed from the carrier film, you should press it again firmly on the transfer film and try again.
  3. Now place markings on the wall with a pencil, apply one end of the wall tattoos with the adhesive film and press firmly.
  4. Slowly advance slowly to the other side and smooth out the glued part to avoid blistering.
  5. After the sticker has been fixed to the wall, again apply strong pressure over the entire wall tattoo. In general, the painting is done with a squeegee, which is included in wall tattoos. If it is not included in the delivery, you should order it.
  6. If the wall decal was glued to a woodchip wallpaper, it is recommended to heat it up with a hair dryer. So it can stretch a bit and then it lies perfectly on the wallpaper.
  7. Now we are almost done. On the sticker is now only the transparent transfer film. Pull it off slowly at the lowest possible angle. Finally, with a clean, dry cloth again on the wall tattoo and press it firmly.

Detach wall tattoo

Should the wall tattoo be removed at a later date, this is not a problem. For Removal you only need skillful fingers, a hair dryer and a pair of tweezers:

  1. Using fingernails or tweezers, lift all edges of the film.
  2. For stubborn films, first heat them lightly with a hair dryer
  3. Slowly peel off the film - ready!

Sunlight could fade the wall paint or wallpaper slightly where the wall sticker was. Ideally, the & quot; backlog & quot; simply with a new wall tattoo.

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