Interior Design homemade - 4 professional tips

Interior Design homemade - 4 professional tips

A professional interior designer can afford homeowners in the very rare cases. If you would like to have it furnished at home but still tasteful, you can fall back on a few tricks, even creatively a lot to put on their feet. If you follow certain rules, you can clean up your own home without much prior knowledge and be amazed at the future guests. We would like to share with you the following four tips.

Matching Colors

Before you design your own home from the inside, you should put together a few colors that you like and that harmonize well. These colors later form the basis for all further planning. Although different colors can be used in different rooms, but there should be a certain harmony throughout the house. On pages like you will find many different color combinations to be inspired. Each room should have a restrained, but dominant color . With strong, bright colors you can also set accents.

Curtains are a very important element in color design, as they dominate the room very much. Floor coverings are also crucial for the room effect . The rest of the color choice you should align it. Also, dare to use white more often. Who makes everything too colorful, the rooms are superfluous. But do not confine yourself to white.

Less is More

Less is More - less is more - star architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe already knew that. This old saying applies especially to the interior of a building. Anyone delivering a room with furniture will seldom create a cozy yet elegant atmosphere. Fewer pieces of furniture, but furniture with power and effect. Some furniture may seem restrained, others "Attentiongrabber". be and determine the accents in the room. Even pieces of furniture such as carpets or wall designs are suitable as attention grabbers if the rest of the furniture is rather simple.

Too much & quot; Less is More & ldquo; Of course, it's also a disadvantage, because rooms quickly become cold and uncomfortable. So you have to find the right amount of minimalism . Do not buy the furniture all at the same time, but slowly, bit by bit. In this way, they do not overload the room so quickly, but more easily find the perfect spot where a room is finished.

Mixing Furniture

Those who only use furniture of a certain style do not create tension in the room. Anyone who skilfully mixes different styles creates just that tension. If the furniture is modern and simple, an old armchair or an older shelf can work wonders. Of course you can overdo it with the mix of styles, but there should always be a dominant style, which is loosened up a bit with a second style. If you want to get an overview of current furniture design , you should visit

You can buy your furniture from Ikea, look for some pieces at the flea market, or even at bargain markets for Designer furniture drop by, eg at stores like Everything goes! It just has to fit. Individuality is created by the right mix. For Ikea buyers there is also an insider tip: Ikea Hacking!

Ikea Hacking

Designer furniture is expensive. If you want to save money, you can also find individual furniture at Ikea. As a rule, Ikea furniture is the opposite of individualism. Finally, they can be found in every second household. All have a Billy shelf and a paint table at home. But who owns his Ikea furniture? hack , so use something different than it is meant to, so can create custom furniture. So a kitchen shelf quickly becomes a sideboard and a cupboard becomes a table. Every now and then carpentry work is necessary for these Ikea hacks. Nevertheless, this is often the cheapest way to create custom furniture. On pages such as or have lots of tips and ideas for Ikea Hacks . One does not believe what can be recreated here from well-known furniture. Ikea Hacking is our secret tip!

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