Inviting hallway furniture - new trends in the entrance area

Inviting hallway furniture - new trends in the entrance area

Friends, colleagues and neighbors are the first to enter the hallway when they drop by for a visit. Clever residents create a chic ambience in the passageway area that amazes every visitor. Inviting hallway furniture with style are eye-catchers that skilfully highlight the personal living look. The new trends in the entrance area offer the right furniture for every taste. Chic hallway furniture enriches the room and conjures up the special flair as soon as you enter.

Plenty of storage space and fresh colors

The entrance area usually presents itself without windows and with a large number of doors. If the hallway is dark and drab, the mood goes down. Modern hallway furniture offers ample storage space and is designed in fresh colors, which ensure a good mood. Bright tones such as white, sun yellow or cream are particularly suitable, as well as clear shapes in minimalist designs. Shelves and wardrobes have a variety of shelves so keys and other utensils are not wildly scattered around the area. Shoe shelves can be installed to save space and are crafted with clever dimensions that make perfect in narrow passages.

Smart hallway furniture is tailored to individual needs - whether for singles, couples or large families. To ensure that jackets and bags can be stowed accurately, wardrobes with spacious cupboard systems and a large number of coat hooks are the ideal interior. If you like it elegant, you can choose corridor furniture programs that are perfectly matched to each other. Fans of the extravagant living look opt for floorboard furniture in different designs that represent the trendy mix of styles.

Hallway furniture in clear structures with practical details

Stylish hallway furniture adds a personal touch to the entrance area and has its own character. If you want to visually enlarge your hall or hallway, you are well advised to use white furniture. Clever contemporaries pep up chests of drawers, shelves and wardrobes with brightly colored storage boxes or place huge mirrors in effective gold and silver looks so that no clinical atmosphere is created. Solid hallway furniture is crafted in clear structures with lots of practical details, and provides optimal space solutions.

In narrow passageways, light wooden shelves are recommended, which can be attached to doors in next to no time. Anyone who does not feel like having a coat rack decides on hall furniture with multi-part cupboard systems. Decorative fans place a mint green or sky blue lacquered bench on the wall to unfold and decorate colorful cushions or small baskets. Functional hallway furniture simultaneously acts as a shelf and as seating, integrated shelves create even more storage space.

Residents are constantly redoing stylish hallway furniture

Residents nowadays find an immense selection of hallway furniture programs, including in the entrance area create a cozy living atmosphere and surprise every visitor. Floor furniture must be useful, provide sufficient storage and storage space and convince with chic design. Hallway furniture can be staged again and again. Complete systems, consisting of wardrobe, mirror and cabinet system, are already available for little money and can be spiced up with all sorts of decoration.

In combination with colorful vases, small tables or keyboards in unusual shapes, hallway furniture is an absolute eye-catcher. If you are looking for corner systems, you will discover a colorful bouquet of space-saving hallway furniture in purist style, in shabby style or in trendy retro design. Smart: Extra-deep cabinets with built-in folding ladder, which store jackets and coats and at the same time provide shelf space in the upper area.

Intelligent hallway furniture gives passages maximum comfort and design - whether in new buildings with larger entrance areas or in rental apartments with tight room dimensions. Interested people can find a large range of hallway furniture with well thought-out solutions and innovative designs on the Internet or in the stationary specialist trade.

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