Is a single-family home still a good retirement plan?

Is a single-family home still a good retirement plan?

This is a question many people are dealing with today. The uncertainty about how to best spend your money for old age is great. Often, "Betongeld" is the speech and the single-family home to the pension insurance is highly praised. However, there are also other voices that advise against retirement by real estate.

A majority of people in Germany consider the single-family home for the perfect form of retirement provision . The problem is unfortunately only: not every house necessarily gains in value. The & quot; concrete gold & quot; can easily lose its value. For example, anyone who has built a rural area or lives in demographically weak regions can become angry when they realize that nobody wants to buy their property.

Real estate is, and you can tell by its name, immobile , The value of the property is very closely linked to its location. This applies to both objects that are rented, as well as for self-used objects. A house that can not be rented at all, or only at low per-square meter prices, will yield low yields but will cause a lot of work. The tax savings from owning a property do not help either. A home in which one lives and which one sells at the beginning of the pension, is also useless, if there is no buyer or you get too little money. A classic savings account can sometimes throw off more.

If you had bought your property 20 years ago in Berlin-Mitte or Cologne-Ehrenfeld, then you could now enjoy a pension in the lap of luxury when you sell the property. Here prices and demand have increased enormously. So you can not generalize how good the investment form home is really.

The fairytale of the perfect retirement & ldquo; Unfortunately, this is not true, at least not on a flat rate - unless the property is where people want to live today: close to the big cities and with good accessibility. The developments in Germany are very different.

It is different, you should plan to live in the property until the end of your life and thus to save on renting costs. A small pension can be as good as life, if no rent has to be paid. However, keep in mind that life is full of surprises. Not every marriage holds, illnesses can make the dwelling of a house impossible or you simply lose the desire in a big house in the age. Even maintenance of the house will continue to cost.

In old age, the house quickly becomes a burden. The war generations have grown old in their houses and lived in them until old age - they died at home or went home only when there was no other way. Younger generations often decide differently today. Many people who are about to retire think about a rented apartment in old age, which is also accessible with Rollator. Age-appropriate living is in vogue. Especially in rural areas, it is not easy to find suitable housing. Therefore, today it is not only young people who are increasingly moving to the cities. Even people of retirement age increasingly move away from rural areas - in good time before you can not make the jump.


A home is simply to be seen as a luxury that you have to be able to afford. Of course there will always be homes and that's a good thing. Having your own family home can be a great thing, but should not be built with the intention of securing your pension - unless you have great faith in local market development. If you dream of your own home, simply because you enjoy living in your own home, then you should not shy away from it and do it. Securing old-age provision is not a good decision criterion.

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