Lawn Lattice Filler Stones - Average Prices, Applications, and Buying Tips

With grass lattice fillers, you have the option of using an existing lawn lattice in addition to attach or refine design. Such fillers are available in various designs at low prices on the market. We'll tell you what uses these materials have to offer and have put together a few tips that will help you in purchasing lawn grout linings.

Typical Applications for Lawn Lacing Stones

Grass lattice stakes are used, for example, to create paths within the turf lattice or to make the gray of lawn grass stones more interesting through multicolored patterns.

You can use grass lattice stones to fill individual holes in grass pavers. This gives the surfaces greater stability.

Due to the additional design possibilities, not only does the look of your lawn grille improve, but it also enhances functionality.

Optically mark your lawn grille for a better orientation

There are various offers for grass lattice stones: On average, they cost between eight and 25 cents per piece. Most commonly they are used on parking areas. There they serve to visually mark the parking areas for the cars. Basically, you have two options that differ both in terms of design and price:

  1. Lay the grass lattice stones on the entire parking area in the color of the grass lattice to create a subtle marking.
    • To complete a normal car parking area with You will need about 100 bricks
    • In this case costs between eight and 25 euros
  2. For the outer line of the parking area, choose grass lacing stones in contrasting colors such as red or brown to create a striking marking
    • For this line design you only need a few grass lattice stones
    • The price is therefore lower than in the first variant

Which of the two options you choose is therefore not only a matter of taste, but also depends on the available standing budget.

Using lawn lattice stakes to guide you away and create creative patterns old

In addition, lawn lacing stones can also be used to make the lawn lattice more creative in your own garden. Often the fillers are then used over a large area. Concrete fillers are particularly useful for marking a footpath within the lawn grid that you want to attach. A grass lattice stone has a width of 60 centimeters. This corresponds to the standard width of a normal grass paver. That means you'll need eight grass lattice stones for a 40-centimeter walkway. For the current meter, you should therefore take into account about twenty stones, so that a material price of 1.60 € to 5 € comes about. This is cheaper than paving the sidewalk with paving stones or laying stone tiles.

From a design point of view, your ideas with lawn pavers are endless. For example, create a multi-colored mosaic for a price of € 2.80 to € 8.75 per square meter to create a more beautiful look on your property. Lawn lattice stains are available in red, gray, brown, and anthracite.

To populate a one-square-foot lawn lattice with standard sized fillers, you'll need about 35 grass lattice stains if you want to fill in all the holes.

Tips for Buying Lawn Lacing Filler

Ideally, you should buy your lawn lacing filler where you purchase your lawn pavers. So you can exchange your fillers for free later if they are too big or too small for the recesses of your grass pavers.


Grass lattice stones are an optical and functional extension for lawn lattices. They additionally fasten certain areas. In addition, they optically mark footpaths or parking areas, for example.

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