Loft Bed for Adults

Loft Bed for Adults

If you think of a loft bed, you have a nursery in mind. The well-known and popular bed model also has a lot to offer for an adult living room - and not only for large play children. Correctly implemented is a loft bed a wonderful alternative to the classic sleeping place.

Why a loft bed?

One reason to opt for a loft bed in the adult bedroom is without question the effective use of space. Small rooms are optimally used with a bunk bed. The space underneath the bed can be used for various areas:

  • dressing area
  • dressing table
  • fitness corner

Whatever the space is needed, the loft bed offers a multitude of possibilities for using it.

For which rooms is the loft bed suitable?

Where the bed is used depends, among other things, on the individual room layout. If a small apartment with integrated living room is furnished, the bunk bed is the ideal choice. This way the bed can be arranged over the sofa corner. But even a small dining table finds a cozy location. Thanks to the increased sleeping space, it is thus possible to accommodate all the necessary living elements in one room.

Anyone living in a shared flat knows the problem of lack of space. The loft bed for adults is the right answer. Single or double beds can be placed comfortably in the room. Underneath a small sitting area, the desk or the dresser. The guest room can be transformed into a successful combination of sleeping and utility space. The office corner or a small library also finds enough space. Of course, the loft bed can also be used to double the sleeping accommodations.

Build or buy the loft itself?

The range of high quality loft beds is extensive. Loft beds for adults are offered by more and more retailers. These variants are not only available in double size, but also in a variety of designs. So it's easy to find a modern or traditional loft bed that fits elegantly into the living space.

Especially in winding loft apartments, it's not always possible to optimally place a loft bed. Here it is without question a better option to create a hand. With the right construction plan it is quite easy to make a stable bed construction. Correspondingly, every angle in the room can be perfectly integrated for the high bed planning. The result is an individual loft bed that meets all requirements. Another advantage is the fact that the self-built loft beds are often very cheap.

Design ideas are great for the pros. In the furniture store there are great variants that can often be easily rebuilt. Do not forget the camera when walking in the shop.

The loft bed for adults - design ideas

Simple models consist only of a bed frame and the high frame. Made of untreated wood planks in beech, the loft bed fits almost any design. However, the adults' loft bed has plenty of customizable elements.

The platform can be made as a sleek bedstead or as an extra storage space. If she is big enough, for example, bedside tables can be integrated. But also a shelf for books, table lamps and other utensils is conceivable. In addition, the bed does not have to be square or rectangular cut. A large triangle accommodates a single bed mattress and extra space for bedside table or shelf.

A ladder is the classic choice for ascension. The step ladders are attached to the wall next to the bed, which is not only space-saving, but also an interesting design element. As step ladders, for example, wide planks can be used, at the bottom with hooks jewelry is housed. Or they are backed by LEDs and also serve as a cool wall installation.

The space under the loft for adults offers great opportunities. A practical variant is the integration of cabinets and shelves. This takes full advantage of the storage space under the bed. For the bedroom, it is advisable to store a make-up model. Do not forget to install enough light sources. But even a cozy reading corner can be wonderfully integrated.

The loft bed in the limelight

The icing on the cake in every living room is the decoration and the wall design. To visually highlight the bed, the bed niche can be painted in color. Even a fancy wallpaper is in the corner a good choice. The installation of a romantic starry sky is not only nice to look at, but also soothing after a long day.

Creating multiple light sources for the bed area. Both on the bed and under the bed so individual use points can best illuminate. To read, make-up or work, it is always needed a different light. LED spotlights integrated in the raised bed floor are easily implemented and give the bed an elegant style.

If the area under the loft bed is to be separated, several variants are also possible:

  • Curtain
  • Folding door
  • Awning


The adult loft bed has something for every taste. It can be used in several rooms and adapted to individual requirements. Whether the bed is built in-house, or comes from specialist retailers, it is guaranteed a space-saving alternative to the classic bed.

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